Seniors and Pets – The Benefits of a Furry Friend

Pet ownership brings benefits to those of all ages. There’s simply nothing like seeing that wagging tail greet you after a long day to make you feel needed and loved, or stroking some soft ears while you relax in the evening for a calming, comforting effect. In fact, a study showed 74% of seniors who […]

A Culture of Innovation in Senior Living

Whether seniors choose to stay in their home or make a move to a retirement community may depend on innovative technology and recreational opportunities. According to the American Association of Retirement Communities, nearly 15,000 baby boomers 
retire every day. Do they immediately make a move and pack up everything for their next big-life adventure? Not according to […]

Seniors and Nutrition: How to Eat Right for Healthy Aging

Seniors and Nutrition: How to Eat Right for Healthy Aging Like our activity levels, as we age our metabolisms tend to slow down.  This can lead to a change in appetite, because the body now needs fewer calories than it used to need. However, when seniors begin to skip meals or make poor food choices, […]

“What Does Assisted Living Mean and What are Some Options?”

Guest: Diane Beckett, Founder, Chief Care Officer & Zack Fraley, Vice President of LiveWell. Today’s show “What Does Assisted Living Mean and What Are Some Options?” discusses the commonly used term Assisted Living for seniors and what are some of the options to choose from. The phrase Assisted Living is used more often these days […]

The Library at Galloway Ridge

Here at Galloway Ridge, we understand the importance of maintaining a stimulating lifestyle. Keeping our brains engaged and active so we thrive mentally is vital to our overall quality of life. Through our Life Enrichment programs, we ensure that there’s always something to do and that our residents are certainly never bored! While there’s a […]

The 8 Dimensions of Wellness

As we age, it’s important to stay healthy and happy for as long as we can. Today’s seniors are living longer than ever before, thanks in part to modern medicine and the fact that they know the importance of an active lifestyle. However, maintaining a healthy life means so much more than just eating right […]

Get to know the good neighbors at Galloway Ridge

He’s an ace at tennis, freelance writing, and once interviewed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. She has a green thumb, an eye for interior design, and is an avid fitness buff. They both were extras in a movie. Mike and Jean Zbailey are interesting, friendly, and fun—just two of the people who call Galloway Ridge Retirement […]

The Galloway Ridge Beer Brewing Club

When we say “there’s always something happening at Galloway Ridge”, we truly mean those words! Our Life Enrichment team is always hard at work putting together a schedule of activities that will appeal to all our residents. From outings to fabulous area restaurants, Broadway musicals and sporting events to classes, lectures and book clubs, you’ll […]

Eight Ways to Thrive Through Winter

With the darkest days of the year upon us, it is important to be aware that the shorter days can have detrimental effects on mood and energy. Here are eight tips one can employ to keep spirits high, no matter the weather or day.

Take a Walk

When was the last time you took a walk? I mean a real walk. Not a walk on a treadmill. Not a tromp from your car into the grocery store. Not a quick jog around the block to let the dog do her business.