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“What Does Assisted Living Mean and What are Some Options?”

Guest: Diane Beckett, Founder, Chief Care Officer & Zack Fraley, Vice President of LiveWell. Today’s show “What Does Assisted Living Mean and What Are Some Options?” discusses the commonly used term Assisted Living for seniors and what are some of the options to choose from. The phrase Assisted Living is used more often these days as our population of seniors increases with a blizzard affect based on baby boomers celebrating thousands of birthdays per minute. Today we will hear from a local Assisted Living community, LiveWell, and learn how their model of care is making a difference in families lives one day at a time. Which type of Assisted Living is right for your family? How do you decide? What’s the first step in looking at options? Learn more from our guests and get involved in making the decision for your family sooner than later.

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