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The Galloway Ridge Beer Brewing Club

When we say “there’s always something happening at Galloway Ridge”, we truly mean those words! Our Life Enrichment team is always hard at work putting together a schedule of activities that will appeal to all our residents. From outings to fabulous area restaurants, Broadway musicals and sporting events to classes, lectures and book clubs, you’ll find many amazing and fulfilling ways to spend your days.

For a while now, we’ve even been able to boast that we have our own beer brewing club. Our Food and Beverage Director came up with the idea for the club and tossed the idea out to residents. The club began with three members, and with the help of Bull City Homebrew from Durham, they quickly learned how make their own tasty beverages.

The club has made several different types of beers, from an amber ale named “Flat Tired” (a tribute to its similarity to Fat Tire Ale) to a cream ale they call “Dusty Road”. They like trying out new recipes and enjoy the challenge of naming their products. The beer is served to the club and their wives during four course dinners or special events. While the members all have one thing in common for sure- a love for good beer- the process of learning how to brew their own beer was also definitely part of the fun.

The Importance of Social Activities for Seniors

Studies have proven that staying socially active is just as important as staying physically active as you age. Maintaining social interactions on a daily basis helps decrease your risk of depression and even dementia.

Social activities for seniors helps keep minds sharp, along with giving a sense of belonging and connection to the world around you.

In addition, there are health benefits to staying socially active, such as a potentially reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and even some cancers. An active social life can boost immune systems and even improve nutrition habits, because seniors who eat with their peers tend to eat more.