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Sharing the gift of time and knowledge to better the lives of our residents and our community.


Sharing the gift of time and knowledge to better the lives of our residents and our community.

Our Residents


We love our location in the heart of beautiful, bustling Chatham County and are committed to being an active part of the surrounding community. Galloway Ridge residents give their time to local causes. Our residents and the organizations they support collectively gain a sense of achievement and prosperity through volunteerism. When our community graciously offers their time, it adds up to thousands of hours to improve and help make Chatham County a great place to live.
Another way our residents make a difference in Chatham County is through their support and facilitation of the Community Grant Program. Organizations are selected annually through an application process. Past recipients have included the Boys and Girls Club, literacy councils, food programs, schools, services for the aging, and services for the homeless.

We are Team Galloway Ridge

Galloway Ridge is more than a great place to live; it is also a great place to work. Our employees and residents build thoughtful relationships, making Galloway Ridge the caring and welcoming community it is known to be. For over a decade, Galloway Ridge has raised funds and hosted events to support The Alzheimer’s Association of Eastern NC. Our dedication to this cause is just one example of how our residents and employees are committed to the greater good and work together to help meaningful causes as Team Galloway Ridge.

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Check out the Galloway Ridge Annual Report for a detailed financial picture of the past year at Galloway Ridge, as well as a closer look at our charitable giving and volunteering hours. Learn more about our residents and their commitment to supporting each other and our greater community. Together, we raised $959,698 in 2022 to support our staff’s educational goals, increase special programming, enhance our library, provide assistance to residents in need, and give back to our Chatham County community.