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The Library at Galloway Ridge

Here at Galloway Ridge, we understand the importance of maintaining a stimulating lifestyle. Keeping our brains engaged and active so we thrive mentally is vital to our overall quality of life. Through our Life Enrichment programs, we ensure that there’s always something to do and that our residents are certainly never bored!

While there’s a variety of social events planned each month to provide engaging activities for our residents to partake in, from history lectures to karaoke nights, one of our most popular onsite locations is the library at Galloway Ridge. We have over 8,000 books and periodicals in the Independent Living library alone to help exercise your mind.

The busy library is run by Lynn Savitzky, the Head Librarian, and Peggy Masterson. Mrs. Savitzky has prior experience as a Librarian- in fact, she once worked as a Librarian for the company that built the Hubble Telescope! Along with Mrs. Savitzky and Ms. Masterson, the library has 32 volunteers that help cover all the shifts.

What kind of books will you find in the library? The answer to that is most likely “whatever you’re looking for!” We receive new deliveries of books weekly, whether they are purchased new or donated. Many of our well-read residents will donate their personal collections to the library when they downsize and move to Galloway Ridge. Our largest donation ever was 20 boxes of books! Whatever books are not used by the library are either sold or goes to the Pittsboro County Library.

In our collection of 8,000 books, we have a hugely successful carousel of around 500 rotated mass market books, and 1,000 large print books. We also have approximately 500 DVDs of movies and educational programs. Enjoy listening to your books? We’ve got you covered there too with around 300 books on CD. When your grandchildren visit, bring them by the library and let them check out the Children’s Corner.

If it’s local topics and history you’re most interested in, our library has a large collection of books about North Carolina. For example, a book recently added to the collection was Miss Mary’s Money: Fortune and Misfortune in a North Carolina Plantation Family 1760-1924 by H.G. Jones. The book gives historical context to the areas we see on a daily basis, for instance, the Jones Grove Cemetery, located behind the Arbor and in view of the croquet courts. Locally speaking, we also have works from about 25 resident authors, any of whom have published prolifically on all sorts of topics.

So if you’re looking for a quiet way to spend some time, make sure you stop by the Galloway Ridge Library!