Over 15 years of providing exceptional care and exceeding expectations for retirement.

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The community was named to honor the stewardship of Jesse Fearrington and his family. R.B. and Jenny Fitch wanted to create a “coming together place” that incorporated the farm structure and the pastoral feel of the Chatham County countryside. Fearrington Village quickly became a place to live, visit with friends, pick up daily necessities, and enjoy a tranquil setting.

The start of


When current residents on the property of Fearrington Village approached R.B. and asked to add an exercise establishment, he worked with Duke Center for Living to see about adding these requested amenities for residents to enjoy. When the option wasn’t financially feasible on its own, his vision expanded to include a continuing care community that could make this idea a reality.

After R.B. and his team introduced the concept to the community in 1997, the applause was astounding. Everybody was on board for a facility that allowed its residents to age in place. R.B. took the first few months to gather data and survey responses to really understand what this community needed and how viable the options were.

Creation of our


Between getting the plans together and the paperwork finalized, it took about 20 months in total to get the Galloway Ridge project moving. A group of ambassadors formed, advocating for the progress of this project and helping to make any leaps necessary to better the community with this continuing care community. Soon this team of ambassadors turned into a Board of Directors, forming the core members of decision makers for Galloway Ridge. R.B. ultimately wanted this group to be composed of people from all over the community from Durham to Chapel Hill and all of Chatham County. One by one, the board expanded, and pieces started falling into place little by little.

As with any development project, there were twists and turns along the way that challenged R.B. and all of the partners in this vision. When the funding seemed to dim the light on the situation, Hugh Chapin was the calming presence who stepped in to be a true advocate for Galloway Ridge. He made a trip to Washington D.C. to have a conversation with an IRS agent, who had previously denied their acceptance to become a nonprofit; but when he left D.C., Galloway Ridge was announced a not-for-profit organization.

A community of

Camaraderie and Acceptance

After months of planning, preparing, building, and executing, the Galloway Ridge vision came to fruition. The variety of people who now call this place home combined with the quality of healthcare and active, engaged lifestyle here make our community so special. With over 15 years of dedication to exceeding expectations and providing top-notch amenities, Galloway Ridge is truly a place where people of all walks of life can leave their worries at the door and walk into an accepting, loving community with a true sense of place.

10TH Anniversary FEATURE

Galloway Ridge has met many milestones in its first decade and will continue to craft an impactful legacy for many years to come. This short film, produced exclusively for our 10th anniversary, highlights the creativity and sharp vision that has made Galloway Ridge the sought-after and cherished community it is today.