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Bob Zimmer|Rob Nelson

Caring. Empowering. Integrity. Commitment. These values, along with our mission statement, have defined Galloway Ridge for the past fourteen years and will continue to as we go forward into the future.

We have the honor of announcing our 2018 Annual Report, which provides details into all that we have achieved in the past year and the direction we are setting forth for the next.

Let us begin by thanking all of you who have generously given of yourselves, be it financial donations or the gift of your time and expertise through a community-wide volunteering initiative. The part you play to support your fellow residents at Galloway Ridge and its surrounding neighbors at large is simply invaluable. The leadership roles that some of you have played show an immeasurable level of involvement that enriches all of us.

Financially, Galloway Ridge remains in a strong position. We continue to pay down our debt every year while building reserves for future
capital projects, special events, and benevolent care. In addition, your generous donations to our charitable funds have allowed us to
strengthen our mission.

For additional information about our different funds, we refer you to the report.

The spirit of giving demonstrated by you has also inspired our staff, and through our Employee Engagement Task Force, we have strived to create a work culture that encourages an unprecedented level of personnel involvement and commitment to professionalism.

As our world continues to progress with new modes of communication
and forms of technology, we are also exploring modern ways of connecting. Our social media platforms are informative for residents and interested parties, providing up-to-the-minute events and activities while recognizing special individuals who make a difference in our community. We continue to focus on improving connectivity and creating user-friendly means to encourage participation.

Another change we are especially proud of is the lobby and garden room renovation. These progressive, inviting spaces feature sculpture and other pieces created by local master artists, including photographer Alan Dehmer and potter Mark Hewitt. Be sure to stop by, if you haven’t already, and take in the beautiful, serene settings.

We want to again thank our many donors to our charitable funds. It is through your generosity that we can evolve and find new ways to
embody our mission statement. Please see the annual report for a complete roster of donors.

BobZimmerExecutiveDirector    RobNelsonBoardPresident
Meet our


The following list of individuals dedicate their time and involvement to Galloway Ridge and the community at large both as board members and residents of the community. We appreciate their leadership and support!


Robert Nelson, President
Alan Rimer
George Alex Weller
Todd L. Peterson
Stan Campbell
Robert Cox
Valerie Crofton-Harris
Robert A. Enders, Jr.
Matthew Ewend
Kelly Mackay
Stanley Robert Mandel
Marva Price


Sue Blaustein
Stan Campbell, Board Committee Chair
Robbie Cox, Board Member
Valerie Crofton-Harris, Board Member
Kelly Mackay, Board Member
Minnie Gallman
Carol Gillham
Bob Holton
Jim May
Scott Richardson, Staff
Bill Sadler
Bill Sharpe
Becky Spence
Diane Vannais
Karen Vernon, RC Chair
Gloria Wilkins

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Financial Report

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Fund Breakdown

Chatham County Charitable Fund
A way for residents and other donors to support Chatham County agency projects
Residents Benevolent Care Fund
Offered to residents who are unable to pay their monthly fees
Alzheimer’s 5k Run/Walk
Employee- and resident-sponsored annual event to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association
Special Events Fund
Finances special events to defray the cost of programs at Galloway Ridge
Employee Scholarship Fund
Used to help recipients pursue degrees, certificates and other opportunities
Employee Appreciation Fund
Program that provides holiday checks for employees each year
Galloway Ridge, Inc. Fund
For residents, families and friends who wish to make an unrestricted donation
Library Fund
Used to keep books and other collections up to date and to purchase supplies


Bob and Sandy Holton are among over 250 volunteers who serve each year in various roles, recording over 30,000 hours of community service. Through their 59 years of marriage, serving the community has always been a part of who they are. The couple moved to Fearrington in 1998 before calling Galloway Ridge home in 2012. Since then, they have made generous contributions to various organizations and subcommittees at Galloway Ridge.

The Holtons have played a huge role in organizing the annual Galloway Gala. As a fundraising event, the Gala is an evening full of entertainment, gourmet food and a silent auction. Last year, around 210 attendees, patrons and sponsors contributed over $75,000 in proceeds to benefit the Residents Benevolent Care Fund, which supports residents financially with their monthly fees. Bob and Sandy have been the original organizers and co-chairs of the Gala for seven years.

Bob shared their experience with the Boys & Girls Club, one of the many agencies to which Galloway Ridge volunteers donate their time. The Holtons were among a handful of residents who set up a summer camp program for over 30 kids. Each Tuesday and Thursday, the residents hosted the Boys & Girls Club with activities like showing them how to make their own tacos for lunches, teaching art classes and racing pinewood derby cars that were designed by the kids themselves.

Some of the other projects that the Holtons have supported with their time include ringing bells for the Salvation Army, collecting toys and clothes for the holidays and working in the Turnaround Shop.

Bob and Sandy believe that staying active leads to a longer, happier and healthier life. With their dedication to Galloway Ridge and commitment to the community, the Holtons have certainly made an impact on the lives of others.



Through the Charitable Fund, the residents have had a huge impact on the Chatham County community. On average, 15-16 agencies – including UNC hospitals, the American Red Cross, Chatham Council on Aging, Chatham County Schools, the Boys & Girls Club and Habitat for Humanity – share approximately $80,000 from the Charitable Fund per year.



Established in 2006, the Chatham County Charitable Fund is a way for residents and other donors to support Chatham County not-for-profits, schools and government agency projects.

Annually, the Fund invites eligible groups in Chatham County to apply for community grants, with both well-established and new agencies considered for funding. An effort is made to fund projects in various locations within this large, rural county.

All the money donated goes directly to county not-for-profits, schools, government agencies or into the Charitable Fund account.

Every year the Charitable Fund responds to grant applications that reflect expressed community needs. The community grant program has a disciplined approach to fund distribution.



18,868 HOURS


11,304 HOURS


Residents and staff combined recorded over 18K hours of in-house community service across 77 activities.

In addition, volunteers spent over 11K hours volunteering for outside charities in 97 activities.

American Red Cross
Boys & Girls Club
Council on Aging
Chatham County Schools
Habitat for Humanity
Interfaith Council
Linus Project Quilts
Literacy Council
Salvation Army
United Way of Chatham County
…and more



The lobby and Garden Room have recently undergone a renovation that now houses beautiful artwork from various artists. The pieces on display include pottery by Mark Hewitt, photography by Alan Dehmer and a painting by Page Laughlin, among other valuable pieces.



Anne Adams
Philip & Ann Alderks
Bill & Mary Jo Allen
Leah Austin
Margaret Austin
John Baer
Marie Barbieri
Margot R Barnhardt
Evelyn Barrow
Thomas & Frances Benton
Roger & Rhoda Berkowitz
Bryan & Marilyn Bernart
Roz Bieber
Dorothy Birnham
Amber Bishop
Bill Blanpied
Mark & Susan Blaustein
Ken Boggs
David Bomar
Bill & Judy Bond
Malvina Brady
Katharine W Broderick
Lynda Brower-Isabel
Claire Brown
Jane I Bush
Judith Butt
Jean Caccavale
Sue Calman
Doug & Kate Campbell
Stan & Georgia Campbell
Mallary Chaddock
Miles & Nancy Lovelace
Mary Lucas
David & Doris Luening
Larry & Shirley Lynn
Jeff & Sally MacDonald
Mike & Kelly Mackay
Stan Mandel
Diane Manning
Bob Marshall
James O May
Elizabeth McCormick
Robert & Angela McCoy
Sue A McCutcheon
Jim & Jackie McGrath
John A McLendon
Jack & Beverlee McNeil
Don McNeill
George & Jan Meinig
Ron & Ana Menendez-Tuckman
Dick & Pat Merwarth
Robbin Miller
Kenneth Mitchum
Rosalie Morris
Nancy D Myers
Bob & Katherine Nauman
Robert & JJ Nelson
Paul & Jeanne Niederer
Davie S Nycum
Bill & Phyllis Nye
Elizabeth R Owens
Jack G Owens

Beverly Chapin
Betsy Chapman
Trudy C Chapman
Henry & Beverly Chase
Lata R Chatterjee
Bill Clark
Fred & Majorie Clinton
Frederick Cochran
John & Kay Combest
Peter & Colleen Cook
Jeanne Cooper
Lee Cope
Dorothy Corcoran
Lucy B Cornett
Ed & Wanda Cottongim
Robbie Cox
Richard & Lila Crafts
Jim & Elaine Crescenzi
Betty Crook
Hugh Cullman
Phoebe Cushman
John C Custer
Dick & Suzi Daily
Fred Dalldorf & Jane Bultman
Clark & Elizabeth Davis
Ron & Rhoda Davis
Lib Delery-Towe
Sammie R Dellinger
Ron & Gretchen Despard
Robert Devido
Bob & Andria Dickson
Lee Pavao
Charlie & Virginia Pearce
Alexander & Sarah Peters
Todd Peterson & Jan Diamond
Hedrick & Betty Phillips
Larry & Flo Phillips
Mary Piscitello
Skip Pohl & Bonnie Helms
Farrel F Potts
Sherman Poultney & JoAnn
Marva M Price
John & Susan Puett
Susan Ramming
Mary H Raymond
Howard & Edith Resnick
Scott Richardson & Peggy Tabb
Jeanne M Riddle
Alan & Linda Rimer
Sandy Ross
David & JoAnn Rubin
Agnes B Sabiston
Bill R Sadler
Teeny Sander
Camilla D Saravalli
Jan & Anne Sassaman
Evelyn R Savitzky
John & Mary Sawyer
Rebecca Sbrollini
Betty B Schabacker
Charles & Liza Schaeffer

Lee & Barbara Dobbins
Beverly Donaldson
Terrie Doyle
Denise Dugan
David & Sarah Dunn
Ken & Jackie Durham
Timothy Dyess
Walter & Barbara Eckroth
Robert & Candace Elder
Mary Alana Ellis
Robert & Pamela Elston
Leonard & Marilyn Ernst
Leslie & Grace Ewen
Barbara Ewend
Matt Ewend
Gerald S Feldman
Richard & Christine Fernsler
Becky Fisher
Dick & Ruth Flannelly
Judith Fortney
Jim & Anna Fowler
Sandra Frame
Don & Betty Francisco
Susanna P Frasca
Eugenie M Frick
Jim & Barbara Fritschel
Frances Fuller
Mel & Barbara Fuller
Phil & Minnie Gallman
Fletcher Gardner Jr. & Cynthia
Al & Madeline Schalk
Bill K Schwab
Arthur & Kathleen Schweihelm
Consi A Scott
Anita Seitz
Karen Serrano
William N Sharpe
Rosamond H Shillito
Walter Shur
Robert & Winifred Simmons
Gail J Smith
Peter & Rosalyn Smith
William & Margaret Snelling
Fred & Joyce Sparling
Ed & Becky Spence
Philip & Lucia Stadter
James Starling
Elizabeth Steele
John & Evelyn Stell
Thomas Steward
Paul Stiller & Joan Lipsitz
Lee Stillman
Joanne N Stoller
Carolyn B Sturgess
Marguerite K Summers
Julia W Taylor
Arnold & Diana Thackray
Jeffrey R Thayer
Peter & Mary Thormann
Alice S Thorp
Frank & Lois Top

Marcia Gest
Ed & Patricia Giles
Nicholas & Carol Gillham
Pauline Gillis
Bill & Carol Goettman
Michael & Lorraine Goodman
Joe & Carol Graceffa
Marion J Graney
Mary Greiner
Bob & Annette Griffith
Sharon M Guyer
Judith Hallman
Edith Hammond
Jan Hanrath
Ed & Audrey Harlow
Valerie C Harris
Clark & Karen Havighurst
Allen Head
Woodard W Heath
David & Audrey Heining
Carl Henley
Bill Hicks
Mary Hill
Bruce & Sallie Holmberg
Bob & Sandy Holton
Frances Hoogstoel
Michael & Caroline Hornblow
William Horton, Jr., Estate of
Shirley Hovey
Bill & Jane Hubbard
Harry B Towe
Bob Tresnak
Paul H Troutman
Don & Elizabeth Tucker
Evelyn G Ullman
Brenda Ungerland
Ed & Nedra Van Gombos
John & Karen Vernon
Dorothy J Voyta
Charles Waldren & Diane
Margaret Walker
Harold & Barbara Walsh
Joan Watts
Boyd Webb
Bob & Aideen Weickert
Bill & Annie Weinreich
Nan Weiss
Alex & Susan Weller
Betty S Westfall
Katherine White
David & Alexandra Wigdor
Gloria Wilkins
Sam & Joan Williamson
Dorothy S Wisely
Elizabeth Wood
Julia Wood
Chuck Wrye
Don Wylie
Eilean D Yates
David & Dee Yoder

Joyce Huffines
Ann Humber
Khalid S Ishaq
Marcia Jaquith
Ray V Johnsen
Cliff & Florence Johnson
Melissa Johnson
Phebe F Johnson
Rebecca R Johnson
Sally E Johnson
Houston G Jones
Joy L Judge
Richard & Sally Kahler
Barry & Anne Kane
Bob & Mimi Kelly
Mary D Kerrigan
Ann Kitajima
David & Susan Klapper
Ron & Audrey Knisley
Marty & Nancy Knorr
Helen Kotsher
Charles & Joan Kuhn
Retta L Kunin
Joel & Jane Larus
Tiruvarur R Lakshmanan
Cliff & Marsha Larsen
Carleton & Emily Lee
Stan & Joan Lettas
Arnie & Annette Levine
Rossie Lindsey
John & Joanne Lott
Claude & Betty Jean Young
Jeffrey S Young
Virginia Young
John & Linda Zaremba
Mike & Jean Zbailey
Robert Zimmer
Jack & Joan Zollinger

In Honor Of:
Liz Avery
Evelyn Barrow
Wendy Beachy
The Brew Boys
Thomas Burnette
Beverly Chapin
Nicholas Gillham
Minnie Gallman
Galloway Ridge Employees
Galloway Ridge Transportation Dept.
Henley, Sturgess, Sharpe 80th Birthdays
Madison Jordan Hirschhorn
Bob & Sandy Holton
Ruth Katz
Mary Kerrigan 90th Birthday
Gerlinde Lowell
Rosalie Morris Birthday
Kate & Ryan Reinche
Heather Rodin
Lynn Savitsky
Bob Southern
The Turnaround Shop
Eva Wamagata
Boyd Webb
Nancy White
Gloria Wilkins
Sam Williamson
Betsey Wood
Bob Zimmer

In Memory Of:
Jules Barron
Samuel Bieber
Jo Bland
Karen Bottomley
Virginia Boyle
Sandy Brown
Jack Chaddock
Hugh Chapin
Jim Cochran
Henry Cope
Lila Crafts
Elaine Crescenzi
Bert Crouchley
Phoebe Cushman
Tom Doyle
Pauline Feole
Richard Flanelly
Joan Fougere
James Gamble
Nicholas Gillham
Dick Goodwin
Joan Grant
Joe Hammond
Walt Hanstein
Richard Harrington
Jane Hawthorne
Martha Henderson
Bobbi Hopkins
Carmen Howe
Nancy Johnsen
H.G. Jones
Loretta Kufta
Seymour Kunin
Erik Larson

Maggie Love
Joan Lettas
Ronnie Susan Mandel
Lois Marble
Tussy Marble
Dorothy Maurer
Dorothy Meriwether
Sue McCutcheon
Wendy Otelsberg
David Parks
Terrance Ransbury
Diane Rubin
Paul Sbrollini
Margaret Sharpe
Rod Snelling
Eleanor Sorgman
Linda Stalvey
George Steele
Heather Troutman
Mary Louise Webb
Bob Wilkins
Carl Williams
Marge Woolsey
Sue Worsley
Charles Wrye
Virginia Young

Corporate Donors:
501 Pharmacy LLC
Bland Landscaping
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Chatham County Council On Aging
Chatham Hospital

Dixon Hughes
DRZ Sales
Dermatology & Laser Center of Chapel Hill
Ignite Wellness Chiropractic Center
Edward Jones
Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Lomax Direct, Inc.
Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC
Morgan Stanley
Nelson Advisory Services LLC
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Procter and Gamble
Riithink LLC
RunSignUp Inc.
The GE Foundation
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Womble Bond Dickinson LLP

Corporate In-Kind Donors:
A Cleaner World
Acme Food & Beverage
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Adam Broome
Carolina Brewery
Carolina Tiger Rescue
Chapel Hill Restaurant Group
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Duke Center for Living
Flair Restaurant

Franklin Hotel
Fresh Market
Governors Club
Harris Teeter
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Isings Travel
Kitchen Restaurant
AC Marriott
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Orange County Visitors Bureau
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Rejuvenate Salon
Shampoo Salon
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TOPCO Distillery
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