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We are thankful for a year full of accomplishment and true community. Download your own personal version of the 2020 Annual Report.


We are thankful for a year full of accomplishment and true community. Download your own personal version of the 2022 Annual Report.


Galloway Ridge had another financially successful year in 2022. While the downturn in the markets resulted in a mostly unrealized loss in investments, day-to-day operations resulted in operating revenues exceeding operating expenses. Overall, we saw a slight $206,000 increase to our net deficit. Occupancy remained strong at an average of 96% throughout the year. Residents were able to return to their pre-pandemic lifestyles.

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Galloway Ridge is a Life Plan Community that blends Southern hospitality and cosmopolitan sophistication. Our residents enjoy independent living as well as an array of activities and progressive health programs where employees and neighbors alike truly care for one another. We are a vibrant community of diverse individuals and have the stats to show it!

Galloway 2022 By the Numbers Report | Galloway Ridge



We have the honor of announcing the 2022 Galloway Ridge Annual Report, and again, we cannot begin to express our appreciation for our exceptional community and staff. 2022 saw most of the world recovering from and adapting to the many impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we embraced the change and emerged as a stronger community. We saw residents again enjoy our dining rooms and engage with our many activities. The transition from seclusion to reemergence was made possible by our dining, healthcare, maintenance, housekeeping, resident enrichment, and administrative staff, who continue to exceed expectations.

In 2022, Galloway Ridge could resume revitalization projects to improve our community, including construction of a new patio off the Lynn Savitzky Library featuring a meditative reflection pool and inviting outdoor fireplace, an expansion of our tranquil walking trails, and the inclusion of a new salon and table tennis area in our beautifully renovated D-wing. We plan to continue in this vein with our dining spaces, so stay tuned to watch the progress as we enter our 18th year as a community.

Last year also saw Galloway Ridge resume its unparalleled status as a leader within the industry. In addition to being recognized as a Great Place to Work for the second year in a row, we received the prestigious award of being named a Top 10 Best Workplace in Aging Services. We were also awarded the ICAA NuStep Beacon Best in Wellness Award as a Top 25 Senior Living Community for our wellness programming. With guidance from our residents, our Leadership Team worked diligently in the past year to create and redefine staffing positions to better serve our community and support each other.

Our holistic approach to improving our community from the ground up is a testament to our mission of inspiring meaningful and engaging lives and assuring each resident a superior quality of life and care. We embrace our core values – Caring, Empowering, Integrity, and Commitment – as keystones in every aspect of goal-setting and
implementation to continue to see this community blossom and shine.

If you have any questions about the residents’ feelings about and commitment to the Galloway Ridge family and the surrounding community, you can find the answers in the incredibly generous donations to our funds. Together, we raised $959,698 in 2022 to support our staff’s educational goals, increase special program planning, enhance our library, provide assistance to residents in need, and give back to our Chatham County community.

Finally, we want to again thank the many kind donors and diligent staff who make our community strong and connected. Without you, there would be no Galloway Ridge, and we cannot imagine a world without the Galloway Ridge family serving as its heart and soul, at least in this idyllic corner of it. Please enjoy reviewing our annual report, and join us in facing this next year with confidence and enthusiasm for what our Galloway Ridge family can do together.

With our appreciation and many blessings,

Bob Zimmer
Executive Director/CEO

Kelly Mackay
Board President