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Get to know the good neighbors at Galloway Ridge

He’s an ace at tennis, freelance writing, and once interviewed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. She has a green thumb, an eye for interior design, and is an avid fitness buff. They both were extras in a movie. Mike and Jean Zbailey are interesting, friendly, and fun—just two of the people who call Galloway Ridge Retirement Community home!

And while each resident of Galloway Ridge has a unique story, all share one thing: they love it here, and they’d love to welcome you as a new neighbor!

All kinds of people live at Galloway Ridge.

People who still work or run small businesses. Volunteer, travel the world, and take college classes. Many just relish relaxing after a lifetime as a busy homemaker.

Mike and Jean, who met on a blind date and have been married 47 years. They’ve lived in Virginia, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. They began considering this move so that if their needs changed, medical care would be close by.

But it’s the people of Galloway Ridge that sold them.

“People here are just very real, very friendly,” says Jean. “You never feel left out.” Mike agrees. “It’s easy to find common ground. You make very good friends here because you get to know each other deeply. It truly feels like home.”

Born in Pennsylvania, Mike studied mathematics and served in the U.S. Navy. His background includes publishing, finance, and banking. These days, he’s an award-winning freelance writer and author, with work appearing in The Washington Post and other notable publications. He writes for Galloway Ridge’s newsletter as well as a blog, and serves on the community’s Finance committee.

Jean is a native of Florida and worked as a stewardess out of New York City after college. She then dedicated herself to being a wife and mother to two daughters while working as an interior designer and running a gift shop. Her first love is gardening, evident by their beautifully landscaped Galloway Ridge villa. She serves on the community’s Building and Grounds committee and volunteers in the resale store.

“We wanted to choose our retirement address, rather than put that on our children,” says Jean. “Living in a house, you start worrying about what could happen and what you would do. Coming to Galloway Ridge takes away that worry and simplifies life, so you can enjoy it more.”

The Zbaileys also love exercising in the on-site Duke Center for Living, having Fearrington Village next door, proximity to major universities, the on-site Duke Primary Care Center, exceptional dining (“like having a dinner party without having to create the dinner!”), and more.

But mainly, it’s the warm and welcoming people of Galloway Ridge. For Mike and Jean, it’s been a great move. “There’s a real mix here, from pre-baby boomers to Woodstock people. We love it!”