Wandering Around Galloway Ridge – A Resident’s View

“Getting Here”.
When my wife and I first came to look at Galloway Ridge from Virginia a few years ago we came from the direction of Chapel Hill. We were surprised that Galloway Ridge was out in the country but only eight miles from Chapel Hill.

Make Friends with the Floor: Practical Movement Series Part 2

There are certain movements that a young and vital man like me takes for granted. Soon after I began working with older adults at the Duke Center for Living I learned about a new fitness test that I instantly became excited about: The Sitting to Rising Test. This test was the cat’s pajamas.

Standing Up May Not Be So Simple

“Let’s head around the corner for the next exercise, Marty.” I turned around and headed across the fitness floor at the Duke Center for Living, set up our equipment, and waited.The moments passed and I continued to wait.