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Have a Better Retirement By Flossing

What’s white, waxy, comes in strands and can add years to your life?

Dental floss!!

Oral and dental care today is better today than it has ever been in history. Regular checkups with the dentist and regular brushing are two big causes for that. But the daily use of floss is going to contribute to more seniors keeping their teeth through retirement! It is also going to contribute to better overall health and extended life spans. So go ahead, stock up the medicine cabinet in the bathroom of your retirement home.

A study as far back 2005 showed that seniors often have a higher level of bacteria in their mouths. The bad thing is that seniors that do have higher levels of bacteria also tend to have thicker carotid arteries and are at a much higher risk for strokes or heart attacks!

Gum disease is another issue. According to an article in the Journal of National Cancer Institute, those seniors who do develop gum disease have a 63% higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Flossing, when combined with regular brushing, greatly reduces the incidence of bacteria and gum disease. There is the estimate that daily flossing can add an estimated 7 years to your life! Seven years from a little floss action. Think what all you could do with friends in your retirement community. Galloway Ridge could provide many, many outings and events over a seven year period!

Some might say flossing is yet one more thing to add to the daily to-do list. But you know what, retirement is the time to take up some of those things that you just let slide by without another thought. It’s time to take care of yourself and enjoy the benefits of taking care of your body and health.

Decide whether you like the string in a dispenser or individual picks. Either will work to keep your mouth healthy. Seniors may find the picks easier to manipulate and hold for flossing, but it is definitely a personal preference and choice. You just have to remember to do it!