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Wandering Around Galloway Ridge – A Resident’s View

When my wife and I first came to look at Galloway Ridge from Virginia a few years ago we came from the direction of Chapel Hill. We were surprised that Galloway Ridge was out in the country but only eight miles from Chapel Hill. Our GPS took us into the beautiful flower bedecked town square of Fearrington Village which is surrounded by a five star inn, a nice Deli, a little restaurant and a wonderful classic bookstore.

We have learned since then that there is a direct entrance into Galloway Ridge about one mile further down the road but this was a good way to start our first visit. Coming from the south, this is the entrance that you see. I still enter through the village sometimes because it’s so nice. Then a short distance down the street just past the pond are the black and white “belted goats.” That is not a breed but there are about fifteen of them in an enclosed pen in a wooded area.

Then, not too far away, quietly grazing in a field were the Galloway cows. So that’s where the name of Galloway Ridge came from. With their white vertical belts in the middle of these black cows some of us call them “Oreo cows.” We came via Speyside Circle with its villas and then we saw the white brick structure that we know as the main house of Galloway Ridge. We were already impressed.

Stay tuned for future blogs and you can casually wander around with me to see the buildings, learn about the services and meet some of the people who have chosen to call Galloway Ridge home.

By Mike Zbailey
Galloway Ridge resident