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Signs it’s Time to Consider Moving to an Independent Community

If you are wondering if it’s time for you to consider making the transition to an independent living community, there are a few things to think about:

1) You’re starting to have issues maintaining your home. If general housekeeping and yard work are starting to become a bothersome chore, moving into an independent living community is a good decision. Many communities offer maintenance-free living and housekeeping. When it starts to become too difficult to clean all the rooms in your home or climb the stairs, a retirement community becomes a very appealing option.

2) You find yourself isolated from society. Staying socially connected is vital for seniors. The more isolated you become, the higher the chance for depression or other mental health problems. At an independent living community, you’ll have countless social opportunities by joining in on the myriad of activities and events they offer.

3) You’re bored. Perhaps you are starting to feel like your days are long and you are unsure of how to fill your time anymore. At an independent living community, you’ll find a wide variety of ways to keep your brain stimulated and your body healthy and active.

4) Driving is becoming difficult or unsafe. Aging seniors tend to have trouble with their eyesight, which can lead to issues with driving. They may start to rely on friends or family to help them run their errands or get to doctor’s appointments. Many independent living communities offer transportation to places like grocery stores and the movie theater or library, so you’ll be able to stay mobile around town without bothering loved ones.

5) You want peace of mind for your future. Even if you’re in good health now, as we age more problems tend to occur. Galloway Ridge offers a unique opportunity through LifeCare, our program which will guarantee that as your healthcare needs change, the level of care you receive will change with it. Your loved ones will know that you’re in the best hands possible for the rest of your life.
Making the move into an independent living community like Galloway Ridge while you are still active and healthy is truly a great decision, and one we are sure you will not regret!

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