Chatham County Senior Games: Victory!

The National Senior Games Association hosts a sports competition once every two years for adults above the age of 50. Sports include archery, bowling, cycling, table tennis, and soccer, among many others. This year, Galloway Ridge’s first Table Tennis team emerged under the leadership of Coach Priya. They hope to compete in the National Senior […]

New Birdhouse Design and Installation

In 2008, our original birdhouse was built and installed. Unfortunately, after 16 years of use, we had to take it down due to deterioration. Luckily, one of our amazing woodworking residents, Dick Eyestone, stepped up to create a new birdhouse. I spent some time with Dick to learn about his process and design. He explained […]

Day of Service: The Confidence Project

Imagine having to choose between basic hygiene products and paying the electric bill. 1 in 4 families face this difficult situation as they struggle to afford their most basic needs1 including hygiene products. This issue is exacerbated as government benefits such as food stamps do not allow for the purchase of hygiene products. Students who […]

10 Years of the Turnaround Shop

Galloway Ridge resident Joan Zollinger took an idea, hard work, and dedicated people to create something wonderful. Over a decade ago, Joan and her husband visited John’s sister at her Continuing Care Retirement Community in Virginia. During their trip, they learned that there was a resale shop for employees and residents. John’s sister explained that […]