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Day of Service: The Confidence Project

Imagine having to choose between basic hygiene products and paying the electric bill. 1 in 4 families face this difficult situation as they struggle to afford their most basic needs1 including hygiene products. This issue is exacerbated as government benefits such as food stamps do not allow for the purchase of hygiene products. Students who experience hygiene insecurity often also experience bullying in school. Their confidence suffers which leads to a higher number of absences and lower performance in the classroom. These consequences can affect a student’s self-esteem, learning, and emotional well-being long-term.

The Confidence Project is the first 501(c)(3) nonprofit in North Carolina aimed at helping underserved children obtain a continuous supply of personal hygiene products. Mary Baldwin Morris and Hannah Jane Lloyd co-founded The Confidence Project in 2022 and have since served over 34,000 students and distributed 900,928 full-size hygiene products in 13 North Carolina counties. They hope that the students served will become empowered to make those choices for themselves and their futures. They explain on their website, “The confidence kits we provide bolster schools supporting students who are struggling to break the cycle of poverty. And it helps to remove the social stigma and psychological burden of need.”

To support their effort, Galloway Ridge awarded The Confidence Project a 2024 grant from the Chatham County Charitable Fund. In addition, Galloway Ridge residents and staff had the honor of being the first volunteer group to help pack Confidence Kits for The Confidence Project. Residents and staff donated hygiene products and their time in a Day of Service. They labeled bags, wrote Confidence Cards, and packed the bags that would be going to a North Carolina elementary school. In addition, they were able to learn about The Confidence Project and how impactful it has been in our state of North Carolina.

Galloway Ridge encourages you to learn more about The Confidence Project at https://theconfidenceproject.org/, where you can find a way to volunteer or donate.

  1. Source: Feeding America “In Short Supply: American Families Struggle to Secure Everyday Essentials.”