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With Retirement Community Living, You Don’t Give Up a Thing!

Three years ago, Bill and Margot moved into an apartment at Galloway Ridge retirement community. With 18 different floor plans to choose from, they happily realized that by moving, they would actually lose nothing.
In fact, they gained some great new things. Bill and Margot were very impressed by the new perks of this retirement community, such as the fact that their new home is maintenance-free, inside and out. Cultural, educational and social programs are constantly added to their calendars. When the grandchildren visit, they enjoy the walking trails at Fearrington Village.

With three different dining venues to choose from, Bill and Margot very comfortably invite new friends to gather with old ones, first for dinner and then for cocktails at Beltie’s Lounge. With the Duke Primary Care Clinic conveniently located on campus, Bill and Margot never stress about finding time to visit their doctor for annual check-ups and occasional bouts with the flu.

When colleagues from his past life recently approached Bill, requesting that he consider doing some consultant work, Bill never batted an eye about the possibility. Already, the apartment was pre-wired for cable. Three phone lines too, make it easy for Bill to access a fax machine and computer. He also has access to a resident office on the Galloway Ridge campus, where fax machines and additional computers could be utilized. Though Bill is happy to temporarily help with new projects, he will soon return to the active lifestyle of an accomplished retiree. After all, Bill and Margot worked hard to get here.