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Travel for Seniors: See the World with Galloway Ridge

Senior Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation

Your retirement years offer a perfect opportunity for you to take that trip of a lifetime. Maybe you’ve wanted to take a long cruise around the Caribbean or travel throughout Europe, but previously never had the time to do so. Well, there’s no time like the present to pack your bags and see the world!
However, travel for seniors does come with a few precautions you should keep in mind. You want to stay healthy and safe as you’re exploring new destinations. Whether you’re traveling solo or with your spouse or a group of peers, here are just a few senior travel tips to ensure your trip is pleasant:
• Do some research. It’s always best to plan your trip in advance, researching best dates to visit your destination, airfare rates, etc. As a senior, you should look for direct flights and the shortest travel times so you aren’t forced to walk more than necessary or remain seated for long stretches of time. It’s also recommended to purchase travel insurance for your trip- and if you have any existing medical conditions, make sure the insurance will cover them.
• Bring the correct documents. While doing your research, make sure you know what kind of documentation you’ll need to bring along with you. If you don’t currently have a valid passport, you’ll need to get one for international travel, and this needs to be done several months prior to your trip. Also make sure you have a valid driver’s license or ID card, all your boarding passes and tickets, itineraries, etc.
• Pack as lightly as possible. Packing a large, bulky bag is just going to make travel for seniors more difficult. As your researching for your trip, make sure you take note of the climate for your destination at the time of year you’ll be traveling and pack appropriate clothing. Bring along extra reading glasses and extra batteries for your hearing aid if necessary. Use a rolling suitcase to make getting through the airport, train station or hotel as easy as possible.
• Manage your medications. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, keep in mind that your prescriptions may not go by the same name as they do in the U.S. Ask your doctor for a list of the generic names of all your medications and bring along a full supply, no matter where you’re traveling.
• Protect your valuables. If you can, avoid wearing or bringing expensive jewelry along with you on your travels. If you’re bringing a large amount of cash, don’t keep it all in one spot. Spread it out amongst your luggage and keep some in your wallet or a belt next to your skin in case of an emergency.
• Know how to get around. Be prepared in advance for how you’ll get around your destination. Find out if your hotel or sightseeing venues have elevators available, and if you’ll be able to catch a taxi or bus to town. If you’ll need a walker or wheelchair at the airport, ask about availability when you book your seat. It’s also important to remember to take some breaks throughout your trip; alternate days of sightseeing with days of relaxing so you can recharge.

Travel Tours for Seniors through Galloway Ridge

Galloway Ridge partners with Isings Travel to offer some of the most amazing travel tours for seniors. If you’ve been dreaming of a certain destination, chances are we can get you there! Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii, cruise around the Galapagos Islands, or take a train trip through Switzerland. There’s no better time for an adventure than right now!
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