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The P-rescription for Seniors

When I first began my yoga practice, I learned quickly that yoga is not for wimps. And as I am getting older, I am learning that aging is not for sissies, either. I could stop doing yoga if it gets too challenging, but no one of us have that same option when it comes to aging.

Galloway Ridge retirement community is a great place to age – and do yoga! They know how to help residents adjust to challenges poses there as well as the challenges posed with aging.

Senior living is all about choices and having the wisdom to make good ones. Dr. Rich Bimler talks about choices in his book, Engaging in Aging Through 2014. He is the ambassador of Health, Hope and Aging for Lutheran Life Communities and focuses on eight buzz words beginning with the letter P to help make this year the best one for you yet.

Promise: Each morning we wake in our retirement abode brings the gift of another day.
Passion: As seniors, we have the time and energy to devote to care for and serve others with passion.
Playful: Seniors know it is alright to not be serious all the time and have fun. Laugh with friends and engage in activities that bring smiles – or tears from a laughing fit!
People: Material possessions take a back seat by the time we become senior citizens and we center our thoughts on spending time with those we care about most. Happy memories become our prized possessions.
Positive: That’s the mindset we want to keep and find in the people and situations around us. The news may not be on every day and the daily reading of the paper might be replaced with a coffee klatch with people who make us smile in the dining room.
Patient: We have more control over our time than ever before and we can spend it as we see fit; meaning we have more time to devote to listening to everyone and everything around us.
Prime: NOW is the prime time of our lives. Retirement is our time to do what we want and we have the wisdom and experience to make it great. We can live for today and not look back.
Prunes: Okay, you knew this had to come…it’s that aging thing and prunes can be our friend. We have a few more wrinkles but also the wisdom to do those things that make us feel good and be the best we can be. It’s time to enjoy food and friends and hobbies and interests.

Use these P words as a basis for your plans for the year – but be open to the surprises and opportunities that come your way.