The Basic Contract Types of Continuing Care Retirement Communities

The Basic Contract Types of Continuing Care Retirement Communities Galloway Ridge is a Type-A Continuing Care retirement Community Continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) offer a combination of independent living, assisted living and memory care all on one campus. They provide a variety of services and amenities to residents, like meals, housekeeping, and transportation, while focusing […]

Oh, My Aching Feet!

Feet are an oft neglected part of the body. Our poor feet get shoved into stiff, tight shoes every day and are rarely given the chance to function in their natural state: bare.

From the lighter side – A resident’s view

Mall walkers are a fact in the present day. In Santa Fe during the summer they open the mall early so walkers can walk in the cool. Galloway Ridge has walkers too, but they are hall walkers.

Choosing the Right Attitude

Two components of wellness that can be particularly detrimental to healthy aging if they are not given proper attention are social and physical wellness.

“Iowa’s Healthiest State Initiative”

Today’s show “Iowa’s Healthiest State Initiative” discusses how a state recognized as number nineteen in 2011 on the Healthiest State index in the country creates and accepts the challenge to become number one in the country by 2016.

Better Balance Training – Practical Movement Series Part 3

“One moment I was climbing up the stairs, and the next moment I was rolling back down them!” My client shook his head back and forth. “I don’t understand, I can stand on one foot for over a minute. I thought that meant I had good balance.”

Make Friends with the Floor: Practical Movement Series Part 2

There are certain movements that a young and vital man like me takes for granted. Soon after I began working with older adults at the Duke Center for Living I learned about a new fitness test that I instantly became excited about: The Sitting to Rising Test. This test was the cat’s pajamas.

7 Signs of Health Issues in Senior Eyes

Overall health issues can be seen in the eyes of seniors. Watch for these 7 signs in your retirement-aged friends and family that could signal it’s time to investigate with the doctor.