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From the lighter side – A resident’s view

Mall walkers are a fact in the present day. In Santa Fe during the summer they open the mall early so walkers can walk in the cool. Galloway Ridge has walkers too, but they are hall walkers. It is possible to do several miles by just walking down one hall and up the next. In the heat or in the rain or in the cold, this hall walking is a treat for the residents. There was one man who walked so much he couldn’t stop when he got home. He just kept going around until Security tackled him and dragged him home. You can’t miss him. He’s the one who doesn’t stop to say hello as he brushes past counting 10,041, 10,042, 10,043, – his foot steps, you know.

Exercise is important here at Galloway. It keeps us young. But speed is not an important factor. When we were in the outside world we would try to get things done quickly and efficiently. Here it is more important to see it through. If you start walking it is so easy to see someone you know, start talking and never get where you planned to go. Say you want to go to the Movie Theater, but you end up in the café having lunch. Life goes on here at Galloway Ridge but the pace in much slower and less focused So we smile and relax. It makes the day pass tenderly.