Healing, recovery, and improvement of movement and ability are essential to staying healthy and enjoying life


Sharing the gift of your time and knowledge to better the lives of our residents and our community

Sharing the gift of your time and knowledge to better the lives of our residents and our community


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At Galloway Ridge, we’re passionate about fostering a healthy, engaged community. Giving back is an important way our community fosters physical and mental wellness in our residents and the surrounding Chatham area. Research shows that volunteering makes a significant impact on senior citizens staying connected, active, and purposeful .




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One way our residents make a difference in Chatham County is through their support and facilitation of the Community Grant Program. In 2018, a total of $90,085 was donated to 17 organizations around Chatham County in the form of grants. These organizations are annually selected through an application process, and past recipients have included boys and girls clubs, literacy councils, food programs, schools, services for the aging, and services for the homeless. Grants weren’t the only way our community got involved — residents also contributed their time by volunteering, and gave a total of over 32,000 hours of their time to charitable work at Galloway Ridge and other local organizations.

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Check out the Galloway Ridge Annual Report for a detailed financial picture of the past year at Galloway Ridge, as well as a closer look at our charitable giving and volunteering hours. Don’t forget to meet some of our wonderful community members along the way, with volunteer spotlights that showcase just a few of the people who call Galloway Ridge home, and how they’ve gotten involved in our community this past year.