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Traveling at Galloway Ridge

Ease of travel is one reason why we selected Galloway Ridge for our retirement home. Travel has always been important to us; however, when we lived in our previous home, it was, at best, inconvenient to leave our home unattended for travel. At Galloway, we simply inform Security when will will be away, and our villa is monitored 24 hours a day. We have taken advantage of this opportunity by traveling several months each year.

Most of our travel is international. So far we have been to all 50 States, and we are only missing the continent of Antarctica. On one memorable journey, we spent two consecutive months on an around-the-world adventure: Galloway to Seattle, Seattle to Hawaii, Hawaii to China, China to India and Nepal, and our last stop was the Island of Malta before completing the circuit back to home.

Education is the primary purpose in selecting our journeys. For this reason, we have utilized a variety of travel organizations that we have judged as providing the quality of programs we desire. Our most frequent travel source is Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) as they provide a quality educational experience, and we are traveling with others who want the same experience as we do.

An unexpected hobby has emerged from our travels: we video record our trip and upon return home, we edit the footage on our computer, and produce a travel DVD. We then show this movie DVD to our other residents at Galloway. This method enables us to share our journey with others who may no longer be able to travel, and for others it may bring back memories of past travels.

Our future travel plans include a visit to Churchill, Manitoba, to see the polar bear migration, and in 2013 we will take an extended journey to Scandinavia.