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Town of Pittsboro Selects Commissioner Bett Foley to Lead Effort with Department of Commerce

Pittsboro, NC: The Town of Pittsboro has selected Commissioner Bett Foley to lead a group of citizens and business leaders focused on working with the North Department of Commerce and the “Retire NC” program.

“The prospect of attracting additional retirees to Pittsboro is exciting,” said Foley. “Such residents will provide a boost to our economy and also be wonderful neighbors who add to the community through their expertise and volunteer time, participation in the arts, and many other ways.”

Commissioner Foley will be working with Pat Richardson, Director of Community Relations, of Galloway Ridge to select a team that will work with them on the Certified Retirement Community Program Application and steering committee.

To date two communities have met the qualifications and been selected: Lumberton and Asheboro.

Pittsboro hopes to join the list soon.

If you are interested, please contact Commissioner Foley at 919-612-7946 or Pat Richardson at 919-642-6893. Learn more at RetireInNC.com.

Location : Pittsboro, NC

Source: RetireInNC.com


Contact Information : Pat Richardson: 919-642-6893