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The Philosopher’s Stone: Cause and Effect

Our campus is even more beautiful and enriching, thanks to our newest outdoor art installation, Philosopher’s Stone: Cause and Effect

The Philosopher’s Stone: Cause and Effect was explicitly created for the Villa’s Mail Kiosk Park by acclaimed California artist D. Yoshikawa Wright. Yoshi visited Galloway Ridge over a year ago to inspect and approve his installation’s location. He sculpted this beautifully carved circular piece from limestone on a travertine marble base for support.

The imposing site-specific sculpture integrates art into the environment. The natural materials, the existing landscape, and the contemplative title resonate together and promote an opportunity to reflect on nature and its lifecycles.

Weighing 4,000 pounds, the installation of this artwork was no easy feat. Placing the artwork in its new location and forever home required pouring a concrete base and a crane to lift to carefully place the piece on support beams anchored in the concrete base.

Our Art Advisory worked closely with the Galloway Ridge team to carefully install the work on our campus. This artwork was commissioned and given by Bonnie Helms and Skip Pohl, who have been Galloway Ridge Residents since 2014. Resident Mike Zbailey has created an imaginative, poetic, 11-minute video to commemorate this extraordinary sculpture’s delivery, installation, and dedication.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their resources and talents for all to enjoy art in our community even more!

Click here to view Mike Zbailey’s video.