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The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

 Many people give their time by volunteering during retirement as a way to give back to the community or to share skills and knowledge gained over a lifetime. What you might not realize is that charitable giving also has benefits that go deeper than just the obvious financial advantages. The best part about philanthropy is that it is not just for the wealthiest people; people of any economic status can find ways to make a difference.   Here are some reasons why making monetary donations can be a gift you give yourself.

It Feels Good

 You know that happy feeling you get when you help someone in need? That comes from the stimulation of the brain’s reward circuit. Research studies have shown that the same area of your brain that responds to other pleasurable stimuli is activated when you donate money.

Do Unto Others

 When you make a financial gift, you are helping people who need it. You can ease a burden for someone else, especially at a time in your life where experiences and interaction may be more important than material possessions.

The Bottom Line

 One of the main reasons why many people donate money is to reduce their taxes. Think of it this way: if you make a donation, you may pay less in taxes, but if you don’t, our tax burden could be greater. Through charitable giving, you may feel better about how your money is used and owe the government less at the same time.

Everything Counts

 While large monetary gifts can be a blessing to non-profit organizations, they are in need of support in any amount. Sometimes it is even more beneficial to have regular gifts instead of a lump sum because donations can be slow during certain times of the year.

Deeper Meaning

 People in retirement may have difficulty finding their sense of purpose. Volunteering can be a great avenue to improving quality of life, but it may not be a good fit for everyone. Charitable giving is another way to give your life significance and can even motivate your friends and family to give as well.

Be a Guardian

 You may be familiar with the Galloway Ridge Charitable Fund, which was established in 2006 as a way for our residents and others to easily donate locally to non-profit organizations, schools, and government agency projects. Residents provide needed resources and volunteer hours to connect to the community and improve their own quality of life. In the past ten years, the Galloway Ridge Charitable Fund has grown in donations to local organizations through grants and has had such a positive impact on those in need in Chatham County.

The Guardians for Galloway Society, recognizes donors who have provided financial strength for services for fellow and future residents of Galloway Ridge, is ideal for giving directly to funds established on site. These funds include:

  • Charitable Fund
  • Resident Reserve Fund
  • Employee Scholarship Fund
  • Special Events Fund
  • Library Fund

Each fund supports the mission of our community and enhances quality of life for our residents. To date, over 42 families have joined the Guardians by making a generous donation of over $15,000. They have been recognized with a leaf on the Legacy Tree and will be honored at the Annual Luncheon.

If you would like to participate in this spirit of generosity, you can make a donation or designate funds through bequest by September 1. If you wish to participate or increase your donation amount, contact Dana Boylan-Walker, Financial Director, at 919-545-2603. Bob Holton is also available at 919-545-0810 if you have any other questions about the Society or the Galloway Ridge Charitable Fund.  Thank you for being a part of the Galloway Family and supporting your community.