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Seniors Have Their Reasons to Question New Additions to Their Diet

If you are a senior, or the child of a senior citizen, you know that moment when a new food is offered and that Hmmmmmm? look appears. Don’t get me wrong, most seniors like to try new foods, but with the global world opening new culinary delights, it might just be a new adventure!

For instance, how many new foods have become mainstream over the last 40 or 50 years?

• Yogurt
• Gyros
• Hummus
• Tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas
• Fish tacos
• Sushi
• Thai foods
• Curried foods
• Quinoa
• Acai tea

New foods might take a little time to adjust to, and we might mispronounce it (like Quinoa is pronounced keen-wah), but don’t think we don’t want to try. That Hmmmm? look might appear because we aren’t quite sure how our stomach or digestive system will react. Even when we return to our own comfort foods that we have always loved to find on our retirement home dinner table, we don’t feel so good after we eat.

Very spicy food, fried foods or recipes with lots of acidic ingredients may tend to affect the senior digestive system, so seniors often ask a lot of questions like:

• What are the ingredients?
• How is this prepared?
• Is there a lot of spice in this?

While 25 or 35 years ago we might be less inquisitive, by the time you reach your golden years, you are a little wiser and a little more proactive. No one likes to spend the afternoon or evening moaning – or in the bathroom. We’d rather be at the fitness center, in a class or off on a day outing.

The chefs at Galloway Ridge retirement community understand this and prepare interesting and nutritious meals tinged with a little adventure. Most residents choose to eat in the dining rooms so there is a variety on the menu to suit every taste.

Yes, culinary options have opened up and through the years seniors have enjoyed adding them to their diets. That won’t change as new foods and recipes continue to be introduced. Just remember that we might be less interested because we might just feel better sticking to less adventurous foods.