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Living Your Best and Longest Life in Fearrington Village

“A long life is a life well spent.”—Leonardo da Vinci

 If you are not a regular subscriber to The Washington Post, you may have missed a small article they published in the past year. The article reported on an analysis of National Association of Public Health Statistics and Information, comparing life expectancy in different areas and what factors may influence longevity. The article discussed life expectancy in two Maryland neighborhoods; after all, it is a D.C.-based publication.

After a through explanation of the research findings, the article concluded with an interesting factoid you may not have known: our own Fearrington Village has the highest life expectancy in the country. The average lifespan here is 97.5 years, and the median age of residents in our community is 65. Compare those numbers with the average life span in the U.S, 78.69 years, and a national median age of 38.2. These are not insignificant numbers.

No Surprises Here

While these are astounding statistics, they are not without good reason. Fearrington is one of the premier planned communities in North Carolina, and what an incredible plan it is. This suburb of the Chapel Hill side of the Research Triangle has almost 3,000 residents, most of whom are retirees as well as young families and professionals. They are predominately highly educated individuals with diverse backgrounds, and they settled here in their golden years to take advantage of the quality of life that flourishes in the community. Think of all that you have available within a short distance from Fearrington Village:

  • 4 major research universities
  • Performing arts centers
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Public gardens and green spaces
  • Golf courses
  • Excellent public and private schools

This area cares about the environment, the lives of those less fortunate, and the habits that improve wellness and vitality. The suburban setting highlights the natural beauty of the area and boasts many walking trails and parks to explore. Fearrington has small town charm blended with big city comforts, making it a gem in the rolling farmlands of central North Carolina.

All About the People

People from all over have recognized the amenities that our area offers, and they choose to come here for their retirement. They bring with them a wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds, which only adds to the level of culture that can be found in Fearrington. Seniors in the area participate in local events, volunteer to meet the needs of the community, and support non-profit organizations that provide services to their peers and younger generations. This level of engagement and socialization adds to overall satisfaction with life, which may be just one factor that explains the high life expectancy rate.

What other factors contribute to longevity? Genetics do play a big part, but so do regular exercise, a balanced diet, higher education, and even access to medical care.  Fearrington Village can’t take credit for the good genes, but those other factors are either achievable or accessible to residents in the community. It’s not just existing, but it’s truly living that makes the difference in this town.

Finding Your Niche

 Galloway Ridge, a Life Plan Community, offers our residents conveniences that foster a level of independence, healthy living, positive socialization, and a sense of purpose, which in turn may increase life satisfaction and life expectancy. We are proud to be a part of this exceptional area, and we are proud of our community that shares so generously of their time, knowledge, and resources with the greater Fearrington area. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of LifeCare and to meet our team.