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Life Plan Communities: More Than a Name Change

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not enough time – Leonard Bernstein

 If you are a current resident of Galloway Ridge or are thinking about moving to a community, you should be familiar with the concept of a Continuing Care Retirement Community, also known as a CCRC. We have been considered a leading CCRC in the Chapel Hill area, but as we look to the future to better meet the goals and needs of our seniors, we are reintroducing ourselves as a Life Plan Community. Our change in designation does not affect the services or levels of care we offer; rather, it realigns us better with our mission and what we mean to our residents.

What’s in a Name?

 For over three decades, CCRCs have existed to provide security for seniors in their retirement years. The continuum of care concept included independent living as well as assisted living and skilled nursing care for residents as their needs changed, ensuring they would have the services and care they required to accommodate their evolving health. Memory care neighborhoods were added to provide specialized care for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, with the aim of further customizing care for every resident to improve quality of life at every level of capacity.

What’s Changed?

 Retirement communities encompass more to seniors now as they understand that they have so much living to do. Continuing care is only one aspect of quality senior living, and a focus on enrichment, programming, overall wellbeing, and other factors contribute to the concept of living life to the fullest while planning for any future needs. That combination of life affirmation and strategic planning led to the designation shift of a CCRC to a Life Plan Community. The name change signifies a cultural perspective that is life affirming, and Galloway Ridge is excited to be the premier community in the area dedicated to enriching the lives of our residents while maintaining the highest standard of care for every level of need.

Why Does It Matter?

 Retirement used to be considered a retreat from the rest of the life span. Seniors today recognize that every moment matters, and a life well-lived is available to anyone. By focusing on wellness and quality of life as well as quality of care, seniors can plan for a future, no matter what it brings. Galloway Ridge is right there to help our residents attain their life goals and remain active, in a personal and meaningful way. We hope you find this change as exciting as we do, and we look forward to answering your questions and discussing with you how we can help you continue to find enjoyment in each day.