Your next journey awaits… but the first step is  letting go.


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Wanderlust is just a better word for a life well-lived. It’s not the day-to-day routine that defines you, but those in-between moments of pure joy that you carry with you wherever you go. And if there is one thing that we learn along the way, it’s the freedom of traveling light.

When you reflect on where life’s journey has taken you, then you understand you’ve covered a lot of miles. Some of us went away to school and expanded our understanding of the world around us. Some of us traveled near and far to find love and meaning. We have built careers and homes and families; we have loved and lost and lived some more.

We don’t need much to accompany us along the way. Traveling light from one station of life to the next gives us more room to grow, to experience, and to remember.

Our team is here for you as you plan your next journey. Retired living is meant to be enjoyed in its vibrancy, full of opportunities to learn, grow and continue to inspire. It is also paired with the peace of mind for yourself and most importantly your loved ones.



Galloway Ridge in Fearrington is a life plan community that encompasses all that senior living should be. Our approach to senior care is different here. We are where southern hospitality meets worldly culture.

Our prime location in the North Carolina Triangle offers our residents plenty to explore in this growing art, music, and culinary scene. Located just down the road from Chapel Hill, Galloway Ridge offers our residents the perfect blend of small-town charm and urbane culture, with world-class healthcare, top-notch amenities, inspiring programs, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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