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Kettlebells at Duke Center for Living at Fearrington

Kettlebells at Duke Center for Living at Fearrington

What is a Kettlebell?

An asymmetrical design appearing as a cannonball-shaped weight with a single handle on top. With no direct line of applied force the unbalanced design of kettlebells involves multiple muscle groups and energy systems teaching the body to function as a strongly linked unit. For example the kettlebell forces the body to maintain balance by activating its core muscles to ensure that the arms are stabilized during exercise. This strengthens the core muscles and teaches them to work in unison with the rest of the body for stabilization and strong balance.

Benefits of Kettlebells

  • Develop core coordination to improve balance
  • Increase strength by building lean and toned muscle groups
  • Higher intensity training then normal weight training for weight loss
  • Work both your cardiovascular system aerobically and anaerobically
  • Improve flexibility through movements incorporating range of motion

Stop by Duke Center for Living at Fearrington to speak with one of the exercise physiologist to learn how to incorporate proper technique of kettelbells into your workout.