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Grand Opening of the Dog Park

Galloway Ridge is excited to announce the completion of the Galloway Ridge Dog Park, along with Phase I of our new trail system for both residents and staff. We extend our thanks to our partner, Nature Trails NC, for their hard work on this project, and we hope that these green spaces bring you and your pets an immense amount of joy.

The entrance to the dog park and the trail is located between the maintenance and facilities operation buildings. We urge everyone to please use caution when crossing the road that leads to the trails, as traffic is sometimes heavy.

While safety has been a top priority in creating these recreational spaces, we ask that you use appropriate precautions. Please consider the changes in terrain elevation and remember that there are no lights in the trail area.

To minimize risk, we encourage you to only use the park and trail during daylight hours, wear proper-fitting, closed-toe shoes, travel with a friend and bring your cellphone in case of emergency. Additionally, please watch for snakes and poison ivy along the trail, as these are potential risk factors present in any natural setting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Cori Cook at ccook@gallowayridge.com.