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Galloway Ridge: Where The Arts Flourish

Galloway Ridge Retirement Community in Pittsboro, North Carolina is an extraordinary retirement community, just as Hugh Chapin envisioned it more than a decade ago. Following his marriage to Beverly Long in 2007, they shared a vision of a community whose residents in retirement remained vitally connected to the world beyond its walls.

Hugh passed in 2011, and Beverly continues to fulfill that dream through a Galloway Ridge committee, Special Events: Speakers and Performing Artists. Its members bring outstanding programs to the community, like the satiric group, The Capitol Steps, novelist Doris Betts, Chancellor Holden Thorp, harpist Anita Burroughs-Price, woodright Roy Underhill, MSNBC commentor and author Jon Meacham, The Pitch Forks (a Duke musical group), and a host of other stellar figures to entertain and inform the residents of Galloway Ridge.

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