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Galloway Ridge at Fearrington Recruits a Hungry Herd to Remove Vegetation

Chatham County’s Galloway Ridge at Fearrington has hired a herd of 24 hungry goats to remove a large patch of dense and unruly vegetation. The Goat Squad, a locally owned business offering eco-friendly vegetation removal, will bring the goats to Galloway Ridge on September 15th.

The decision for Galloway Ridge to use the services of The Goat Squad for this “job” revolved around being conscientious of the environment in Chatham County, innovation and forward thinking. The legendary appetite of goats and their love of poison ivy, kudzu, english ivy, privet and other undesirable plants to tame overgrown and often impenetrable areas is new to our area however a proven resource. The goats will be located at Galloway Ridge for up to a week. When they depart, they’ll leave behind a newly cleared and manageable area and an ample application of high quality fertilizer in the form of manure. They will be protected by an electric fence while onsite.

Grazing by goats avoids the risks associated with mechanical and chemical vegetation removal. Herbicide use can contaminate surface waters and can have adverse impacts on animals, humans and desirable plants. While machine cutting can actually encourage further growth in the plant’s next growing cycle, goats have long triangular mouths that permit them to crush seeds that could otherwise be fertilized. Goats are also outstanding climbers and can access vegetation that grows in hard to reach places.

The Goat Squad was founded in 2012 by Diana Tetens. Diana holds an MS in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development for the University of Georgia and previously served as the executive director and conservation director at the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association in Durham. Diana founded the Goat Squad out of her desire to protect water quality and native flora, her love of working outdoors and her fondness for goats.

For more information about Galloway Ridge at Fearrington:
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Executive Director
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