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From the Lighter Side: “Flower Children”

We have flower children here at Galloway Ridge. Our community garden has 47 plots. These are divided between the veggie growers and the posy lovers. A morning stroll any summer’s day reveals a blast of salad green, stop-light red, bee yellow and flag white. It is a daily treat to see the garden change. The bulbs give way to glads, to flox, to peonies and zinnias. Early lettuce, followed by asparagus then peppers, tomatoes, spinach delight the veggie group.

Most of the residents have trouble with the bend over stage of gardening. The first minute is tolerable but ache replaces smiles and you can often hear, “Could you help me up?” The other day one of our residents went down with a smile but soon realized her down muscles didn’t match her up muscles. A call to a nearby workman brought a helping hand. It is our shared experience of facing age together that brings out our need to help one another.