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Explore Subtle Changes to Enrich Your Retirement

Just because seniors reach that golden age of retirement doesn’t mean they have everything figured out. In fact, seniors are just as in tune to self-improvement, growing and development into a better person than people of all ages. Perhaps they are at a better place to make it happen because they have time to explore options and make changes in their lives.

Change is not easy, but little changes can make a big difference. Consider these little changes as you step out the door of your retirement home:

Opt for a class or activity that you haven’t tried before

• Pick up a magazine you have never read
• Take note of the server’s name and initiate a conversation at lunch or in the coffee shop
• Take a different route to the exercise facility
• Try a new machine or swimming instead of the regular exercise routine (at Galloway Ridge retirement community there is a wonderful pool at the Duke Center for Living)

Other subtle changes you can make around the retirement community:

• If you replace the frown on your face when you are deep in concentration or thought with a question to clarify your thinking, others won’t take your expression as a negative, but more of contemplation. And you’ll open up conversations that might just result in a new friend and new interests.
Ask if your friends volunteer anywhere – or would be interested in volunteering. Look at the different opportunities and tag along or, ask them to tag along with you.

The thing about these kinds of changes is that you know as a senior citizen nothing lasts forever – the good or the bad. So you try a few new things. If you enjoy them, great! If you don’t like them, you move on to the next adventure.

It doesn’t take big changes to explore new options and find new interests and friends. It just takes an open mind and a little conscious effort.