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Easy Downsizing Tips for Seniors

It is Time to Consider Downsizing Your Home?

Most people grow emotionally attached to their homes throughout the years. Each room has a memory associated with it, easily transporting us back to certain points in our lives. However, today, more and more seniors are starting to realize the joys that downsizing can bring, especially after retirement. They’re looking for a more carefree lifestyle without some of the burdens of home ownership.

If you’re wondering if it’s time for you to start considering downsizing your home not only to have more time to do some of the things you’d enjoy doing, there are a few other reasons downsizing is a good idea. For instance, maybe there are rooms in your home you simply haven’t stepped foot into in weeks; you have way more space than you could possibly need, now that your children are grown and out on their own. Perhaps the upkeep is becoming difficult to manage on your own; a large lawn to mow or several bedrooms to vacuum is taking up far more of your time than you’d like. Or, maybe your home is going to need some big ticket repairs soon, like a new roof or windows.

These are all great reasons to consider downsizing to an independent senior living community, where you’ll enjoy maintenance-free living and more time to yourself, not to mention all the opportunities to build new relationships with others. This can lead to less stress, improving your overall quality of life!

Downsizing for Seniors Made Easy

Once you’ve made the decision that downsizing is in your best interest, here are a few easy tips to keep in mind:

  • Take your time. Know that downsizing is not going to be a simple task, and you shouldn’t think you’ll be able to go through your entire household in a single day. When you know that a move is in your imminent future, you can start going through your home even months ahead of time.
  • Create a plan. If possible, get a floor plan of your new living space. This will help you know the exact dimensions of the rooms, along with how much storage you’ll have. Knowing where everything will go well ahead of time will help make your moving day much less stressful.
  • Make lists. Lists are a great way to create a timeline and keep you organized throughout the downsizing process. Make lists of rooms you need to go through and lists of items you’d like to bring with you, donate, or give to family members.
  • Keep the memories, not the items. Parting with your items can be difficult due to the memories you associate with them. However, recognizing that not everything you own can make the move with you is an important step in downsizing.
  • Enlist help. Get family and friends involved! This can be a positive experience for everyone, as you can designate the belongings you cherish, but may not have room for, to a family member who will continue to appreciate them.


Enjoy Easy Living after Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing for seniors can truly be a positive experience all around. Take the time to make smart decisions about your belongings and choose a senior living community that will meet your needs. At Galloway Ridge, you have the option of  beautiful villas or spacious apartments, as well as access to The Arbor, our onsite health care center. In fact, you might wonder why you didn’t decide to downsize much sooner!

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