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Chef Bedford, NOW GRAND CHEF

Executive Chef Colin Bedford has been awarded Grand Chef, the culinary world’s top accolade, at the just completed 2012 international Relais & Chateaux congress.

Grands Chefs are the “foodie stars in their respective countries, but always first to report back to work in their own kitchen; they are all shining examples to be emulated by generations of future chefs,” explains Relais & Chateaux.

“The common factor in Grands Chefs might be that they like both tradition and modernity, and insist on the finest produce from around the world. They are legendary chefs. Their names are enough to make us dream. Who would go to Crissier but for Philipppe Rochat, to Vienne but for Patrick Henriroux, to Vézelay but for Marc Meneau, to Mayerling but for Heinz Hanner, to Yountville but for Thomas Keller? They are the star attractions in their towns.”

Said Chef Bedford, “Quite honestly, I am little overwhelmed since I heard the news. It is an amazing honor, and I am humbled to be considered in the ranks of some of my idols. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and meet other Grands Chefs and experience their restaurants and know full on that being a Grand Chef is to be considered at the top of your field.”