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Chatham News and Record Letter Spotlights Pittsboro

To the editor:

Your paper recently reported that Pittsboro has been selected as a desired location for retirees. As a couple that did just that, we would like to add our endorsement and share some of the many advantages.

There are good options for housing – ranging from older houses to sub divisions to houses with acreages – both close to and away from town. Our house (with five acres) is within two miles of the courthouse and the town center. From there and within a one-mile radius, one will find the following: county offices, town offices, post office, library schools. community college, churches, medical care (physicians, urgent care center, eye care, UNC dialysis), dentists, attorneys, engineers, archi-tects, veterinarians, various skilled trades, banks, grocery stores, drug stores, ABC store, dry cleaners, furniture store, feed store, barber shop, hair salons, antique stores, realtors, Lowes home improvement store, (two miles), lawn care, restaurants (with excellent meals and fair prices), ice cream parlor, physical fitness facilities, auto service stations and repair shops, car washes, auto dealers, hobby shops, thrift stores, nurseries, charities, farmers market and undertakers.

It is only a 30 minute drive to the University of NC in Chapel Hill, 40 minutes to both the Raleigh/Durham airport and to Raleigh, the state capitol. This list is not complete, but it may be helpful to those looking for a retirement home. We know we have found Pittsboro to be a remarkably pleasant and convenient town for retirement. In today’s world, where could one find all the above (and other) conveniences within a one-mile radius and on less than a gallon of gasoline? In Pittsboro for sure! Maybe there is one somewhere else if one looked very long and very hard, but don’t count on it.

Bobby and Helen Allen