Galloway Ridge Art

Galloway Ridge Artists Exhibition Representing Local Counties

As part of the Galloway Ridge Artist Collaboration, Galloway Ridge hosts an Artists reception three times a year. This event is open to the public and invites artists from Chatham, Orange, Lee and Moore counties the opportunity to market and display their artwork to the residents and members of the community. There is no cost to the artist to be involved.

Artists can participate via a “Call to Artists”. The artwork is juried and the work selected is displayed in the Weathersfield Café, Belties Lounge and the Duke Center for Living here at Galloway Ridge. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artist. This collaboration is part of Galloway Ridge’s social accountability efforts and community connections.

For more information, contact Josh Carr at 919-642-6892 or 

Please view a selection of the artwork from the Galloway Ridge Artist Collaboration below.

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