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5 Tips to Add Energy to Your Retirement Home

The environment you create in your home has a greater impact on your life than most people realize. This is especially true for seniors in retirement because they spend a larger proportion of their time in one environment – their home. Even retirees who live in the beautiful Galloway Ridge retirement community with spacious housing options can make changes with furniture and accessories to put a little pep in their step.
If you find you are feeling like you’re in a bit of a rut or just bored, freshen up your living space and see what a difference that will make on your attitude, interest and energy levels; you might just surprise yourself.
Likewise, if you see a retiree you love in the doldrums, gift them with some time and a few new additions to their nest and see what it does.
Here are some quick ways to make a big impact on the living environment:

  • Find some things around the house you are ready to part with – or at least move to a new room. You can replace them with something new from a yard sale or shopping excursion that illicits good memories of a day outing with good friends.
  • Paint one wall in a dramatic accent color to give yourself a fresh perspective and new energy.
  • Add a splash of color. Adding throw pillows or a vase in bright tangerine or pink could turn a monochrome color palette into a real style statement.
  • Add an interesting area rug. Perhaps a new floral or geometric pattern in an unexpected color or design will add interest. Arrange the furniture around the rug to focus attention there. Invite a few friends over for coffee and conversation and see how long it takes for them to notice the change!
  • Make an art project and gallery. You could join friends in an art class or a photography class and create a gallery on a long wall or hall wall. Plain black frames in an assortment of sizes will add an interesting dimension. If you use photography, include new pictures of friends and family that you take. Not only will they find the pieces interesting, they will be honored to be included in the group who are important to you.

When your rooms reflect people and memories that are comforting and precious to you, your retirement house is more than the walls and windows. It is your home. So after your exercise class or dinner, you are pleased to retire to a cozy and happy place each evening.