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Galloway Ridge exists to inspire meaningful and engaged lives and to assure each resident a superior quality of life and care. 15 years ago, we started this community on the foundation of a better tomorrow for seniors. We aspire to continue to reach new heights to achieve better care for our residents and enrich the life of every person who calls Galloway Ridge home.

OUR Grounds

Our well-groomed landscaping and outdoor amenities make our campus a great place to explore. At Galloway Ridge, we encourage our residents to get outside and enjoy the fresh air in our many outdoor spaces, gardens, and trails. We work to ensure that our grounds are maintained every season so that our residents are proud of where they live. On campus, you’ll find onsite healthcare facilities, Duke Center for Living, villas, apartments, and so much more.


OUR Residences

All our residences are designed with elegant and comfortable living in mind. Whether you select a free-standing villa in our beautiful tree-lined neighborhood, or one of our spacious, light-filled apartments, each is designed with warm and inviting spaces, and all the modern amenities to make your life as carefree and convenient as possible.


OUR Residents

Our residents make us who we are. The Galloway Ridge community is full of diverse backgrounds, passions, and livelihoods. Our residents love to explore the surrounding area and all that the Triangle has to offer. Their hearts are dedicated to community service, and they work to make Chatham County better by being good citizens. When you’re a resident of Galloway Ridge, you’ll make friends, tell stories, laugh with full hearts, and exercise your body and mind. Our community is full of passionate people who found their way to Galloway Ridge to keep life enjoyable and engaging.

OUR Staff

Our staff are dedicated to bettering the lives of our residents and providing the best care possible during their time at Galloway Ridge. When you walk around our community, you’ll see the smiling faces of our chefs, housekeepers, nurses, and every other member of our team. We’re working around the clock and behind the scenes to keep our community clean, keep our residents healthy, and ultimately take care of one another. We have more than 350 caring and energetic professional staff members who provide support, services, and activities for Galloway Ridge residents and members of the Duke Center for Living Health and Wellness Center.