Chatham County Charitable Fund Application

Galloway Ridge exists to inspire meaningful and engaged lives and to assure each resident a superior quality of life and care.  In support of our mission, the Galloway Ridge Chatham County Charitable Fund was established in 2006 to serve the citizens of Chatham County. We are honored to announce that the Galloway Ridge Chatham County […]

A Look Inside!

Take a quick behind-the-scenes tour of this beautiful Villa. We love it when our residents customize their homes to make them their own! We are swooning over the hardwood floors, master bedroom closet, and most importantly – the kitchen! The new owner even has a cozy spot picked out to play his guitar. About this […]

The Story of Galloway Ridge’s Woodworkers Shop

New Galloway Ridge residents often experience a sense of relief upon discovering the Woodworkers Shop, having recently moved and in so doing having lost their personal hobby workspace. We do indeed benefit from a well-equipped Woodworkers Shop, used for both tinkering and serious woodworking, and from the camaraderie of fellow woodworkers. This facility is the […]

Our State Fall Favorites

Multiple states near and above the Maxon-Dixon line all claim to be the birthplace of the whoopie pie. What is a whoopie pie, you wonder? If you aren’t familiar with this tasty treat, it’s a baked dessert that is traditionally made with two round pieces of chocolate cookie-shaped cake filled with a creamy, flavored filling. […]

Galloway Ridge Welcomes New Director of Information Technology

Galloway Ridge is pleased to announce Bryan Angelico as the new Director of Information Technology. Bryan has nearly twenty years of experience in network and systems administration, including extensive experience with a variety of computing environments. As the Director of Information Technology, Bryan will be responsible for overseeing our investment in hardware and software use […]