Giving Opportunities

Your gift to Galloway Ridge, Inc. makes a difference, enhancing programs and services to promote the overall quality of life of the community’s residents.

Residents and their families may make unrestricted gifts and gifts to be used for designated purposes. A memorial fund may be established by family and friends and may be designated for a particular purpose or permanent memorial. Gifts may also be made to honor a living resident or some other person whom the donor wants to recognize. All monetary gifts are permanently recorded and acknowledged in the Galloway Ridge Annual Report 2020.

Matching donation programs are a big part of corporations’ social responsibility initiatives, but awareness of them is often shockingly low. As a result, billions of dollars that could go to deserving nonprofits and vital social programs are never distributed. Please check to see if the company you work for or retired from has a gift matching program. If so, you could double the impact of your thoughtful gift.

Galloway Ridge, Inc. is a not-for-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization,employer identification number (EIN): 56-2277623.

Galloway Ridge Funds

Donations to the following Funds, except for the Employee Appreciation Fund, are tax deductible, subject to the advice of your tax accountant. Gifts to Funds must be liquid assets. Your entire gift benefits only the Fund you select.

  • Galloway Ridge Chatham County Charitable Fund benefits the Chatham County community through grants to both well-established and new agencies in various locations within this large, rural county. Past recipients have included boys and girls clubs, literacy councils, food programs, schools, services for the aging, and services for the homeless. Click here for brochure.
  • Employee Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to help Galloway Ridge employees pursue two-year and four-year degrees, certificates, and continuing education at licensed and/or accredited educational institutions. Click here for brochure.
  • Residents’ Benevolent Care Fund exists to help residents who, through no fault of their own, are no longer able to pay their full monthly fees. Click here for brochure.  Galloway Ridge offers a Charitable Gift Annuity that benefits the Residents Benevolent Care Fund and will provide you with tax free income for life, a tax deduction, and the knowledge that you’re helping your neighbors and friends at Galloway. Click here for details. You can also link your Amazon purchases to and they will donate 0.5% to Galloway Ridge if you select it. All the donations will go to the Residents Benevolent Care Fund.
  • Library Fund is used to supplement the budget provided by Galloway Ridge in order to keep the books and other collections up to date and to purchase items for the Library such as ladders, rotating shelves, lighting, and various supplies.Click here for brochure.
  • Special Events Fund defrays the cost of speakers, performing artists, musical groups, drama and cultural performances, and other programs that add cultural enrichment to the residents and bring distinction to Galloway Ridge.
  • Employee Appreciation Fund provides holiday checks for employees. Because Galloway Ridge has a “no tipping” policy, the only way to recognize employees for outstanding service to residents is through donations to this fund.
  • Alzheimer’s 5K Fund is a 5K Race/Walk to raise money for Alzheimer’s of NC. Employees help set up for the race and many participate. Residents also run and volunteer for the event.
  • Galloway Ridge, Inc. Fund is a general fund the use of which will be determined by the Executive Director and CFO with approval from the Board of Directors.
  • Employee Emergency Relief Fund provides assistance to employees experiencing hardship as a result of a catastrophic or unforeseen event. Proceeds from the resident driven “Turnaround Shop” support this fund. Residents may also make donations to this fund.

Guardians of Galloway

Any resident (or family or friend of a resident) who donates to Galloway Ridge Funds listed above, other than the Alzheimer’s 5K Fund or the Employee Appreciation Fund, at least an amount of $15,000 over time will be recognized with membership in the Guardians for Galloway Ridge Society. The names of donors will be seen on the leaves of the Society’s legacy tree located in the Great Hall. Click here for brochure.

How to Donate

To donate, you may:

  • Donate via Credit Card: Use a credit card to make your donation securely online using PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account).
Donate via PayPal

To donate, you may:

Donate via Check

Other Ways to Donate to Galloway Ridge Charities

  • Name the Fund as a beneficiary in your will or other form of estate plan, retirement plan, or insurance policy, or if you no longer need an insurance policy, gift the policy to the Fund.
  • Establish a trust, such as a charitable remainder trust or charitable lead trust.
  • Donate financial investments, such as stocks, bonds, or certificates of deposit.
  • Donate the refund from a no longer needed covered parking space.

Noncash Charitable Contributions

When downsizing, residents and their family and friends may donate items to the Turnaround Resale Shop, which will resell them to residents and employees. Items that don’t sell are donated to the Chatham County Habitat for Humanity Home Store. Proceeds from the shop provide funding for the Employee Emergency Relief Fund and the Residents’ Benevolent Care Fund. The Turnaround Resale Shop will provide a receipt for donors to fill out with the donor’s estimate of the tax deductible value of the donation. Be aware that you are required by law to fill out IRS Form 8283 for any donation you value at $500 or more. Any donation with a total value of $5,000 or more must also be professionally appraised.

For more information about donation opportunities, please contact Bob Zimmer (Executive Director) at 919-545-2608 or email him at

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