At Galloway Ridge, we instill our mission statement into each aspect of our senior-living community. Every action focuses on our core values − caring, empowering, integrity, and commitment − which tether us together in good times and bad. This past year, however, has brought its own extraordinary challenges as we, the nation, and indeed the world, fought a pandemic that led to unimaginable loss of life and lifestyle. In the face of these unparalleled obstacles, we found strength in core values outside of our typical framework: creativity and perseverance. 

 With the impact of the pandemic still fresh in our minds, we have the privilege of offering our 2020 Annual Report to showcase the solutions and small victories that gave us hope over the past year’s difficulties as well as the recovery that awaits us in coming months. 

Let us begin by thanking our residents and employees for their generosity and sacrifices that allowed our community to continue its spirit of giving. 

While volunteering opportunities were sharply curtailed during Covid-19 protocols, you continued to shore up the community and the greater Chatham County area with financial donations to maintain funding for our support programs. 

At a time when our community was forced to take extreme measures for the health and safety of our residents and staff, we innovated and restructured our routines and means of communication to stay connected to each other and loved ones outside of our campus. We cannot tell you how impressed we all are with the ingenuity that led to the creation of a full schedule of robust digital content to keep our residents active and engaged. 

From assisting with Zoom calls, maintaining quality nutrition through meal delivery, realizing tent visits, and facilitating small group bubbles in both independent living and The Arbor, our residents and staff members navigated the treacherous nature of the pandemic to engage, enrich, and empower one another. In addition, our resident-led committees and leadership pivoted to virtual meetings to conduct business and promote interaction.

Without a doubt, 2020 took a financial toll on many communities, and in that regard, Galloway Ridge overcame a loss of revenue and unexpected expenditures through positive market returns and distributions from the Federal Cares Act. We ended the year with a net surplus of almost $4.3 million, which leaves us in good standing at the onset of the new fiscal year. Please look for more detailed accounting and information about our charitable funds as you read the report. 

We also can celebrate our achievements as a community in 2020. Galloway Ridge was recognized as a “Top 25 Wellness-Based Senior Living Community in North America” by The International Council on Active Aging. We are honored by this award, and the resiliency and adaptability of our staff during the pandemic demonstrates why, year after year, our accolades grow. 

In addition, this past year led to several initiatives implemented to boost employee attraction and retention as our focus on identifying and rewarding People of Passion continued. With increased and specialized training, improved communication, and competitive compensation, our employment experience holds true to our core values. 

Allow us to reiterate how amazed we are with how our Galloway Ridge family faced and overcame the adversities that defined 2020. Every member of our community stepped up and contributed to stay courageous and committed to a common goal of health and safety. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but we say it takes a village to raise up each other, and that is just what this Galloway Ridge village did. 

Thank you for your interest in the Galloway Ridge



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