annual report

Galloway Ridge is at the cusp of a milestone, and our ideals of providing compassionate care, encouraging community engagement, and remaining dedicated to our role as a reliable source for aging life care in the Research Triangle area has not wavered in our almost fifteen years in existence.

We are pleased to present our 2019 Annual Report to highlight the successes of the past twelve months as we work diligently to overcome the challenges that our community and the nation face in the coming year.

When we reflect on the culture of our community, we are overwhelmed by the giving spirit that defines our residents and employees. Financial donations almost pale in comparison to the many gifts of volunteering, as our residents share their time and knowledge with neighbors and the greater community of Chatham County. Whether serving in a leadership capacity or participating in committees and events, our residents never shirk from hard work or a helping hand. The entire Galloway Ridge team is constantly in awe of their energy and empathy and we encourage you to read more about some of our esteemed resident volunteers as you go through this report.

We would also like to share two honors that Galloway Ridge received this year in recognition of our commitment to excellence and superior quality of life and care for each of our residents. In October 2019, our community was named one of the Top 25 Beacon Best in Wellness Award senior-living communities in North America by ICAA/ NuStep. This award, created by the International Council on Active Aging, in partnership with a major manufacturer of exercise equipment used for fitness, healthcare, and senior living communities, acknowledges our efforts to promote all aspects of wellness for residents and staff alike.

In addition to this prestigious honor, The Arbor at Galloway Ridge has joined the list of only 19% of US skilled-nursing facilities to be considered as a Best Nursing Home by US News & World Report in November of 2019. To receive both honors in the same calendar year speaks volumes to the professionalism and quality of care we provide to every member of our Galloway Ridge family.

With a nod to fiscal responsibility, 2019 was a year of smart actions, as Galloway Ridge saw an annualized savings of $800,000 in interest expense thanks to the successful refinancing of our 2010A bonds. At the same time, our revenue has remained steady, as have the generous donations to our charitable funds. Please read more about these funds and other specifics in the report.

Our world has faced extraordinary trials in 2020 to which we must continue to adjust and address, and we are confident that our residents and employees are up to the task. With almost 23 ,000 volunteer hours in 2019 and continued support to our charitable funds, we are in good position to handle whatever comes our way.

We want to again express our gratitude to our many contributors for their continued support and altruism. They are the heart and soul of this community, turning our mission into action. We refer you to the annual report for a comprehensive list of donors.

May we all see continued health, safety, and unity through the year.

“Community is a place where the connections felt in our hearts make themselves known in the bonds between people, and where the tuggings and pullings of those bonds keep opening our hearts.”
– Parker J. Palmer


The following individuals dedicate their time and involvement to Galloway Ridge and the community at large, both as board members and residents of the community. We appreciate their leadership and support!

With this team of difference makers, countless improvements have been made on campus to better the lives of Galloway Ridge residents and provide a truly remarkable place to live and thrive. These leaders are one of the many aspects of our community that make Galloway Ridge so special.

Our Team of Senior Directors


    Executive Director / Chief Executive Officer


    Associate Executive Director / Senior Director of Health Care


    Senior Director of Finance


    Senior Director of Human Resources


    Senior Director of Marketing and Sales


    Senior Director of Infrastructure and Technology

2019 Board Members

Rob Nelson – President
Alex Weller
Todd L. Peterson
Robbie Cox
Dr. Matthew Ewend
Valerie Crofton-Harris
Kelly Mackay
Marva Price
Stan Campbell
Bob Enders
Dr. Stan Mandel
Alan Rimer

2019 Community Engagement Committee

Stan Campbell – Board Committee Chair
Robbie Cox – Board Member
Valerie Harris – Board Member
Kelly Mackay – Board Member
Minnie Gallman
Carol Gillham
Bob Holton
Sandy Holton
Jim May
Bill Sadler
Bill Sharpe
Becky Spence
Diane Vannais
Karen Vernon – Chair of RC


Coretta Scott King

Financial Report

With the largest percentage of our funds allocated toward our residents, it’s no wonder Galloway Ridge provides quality life care. We make sure that each of our residents has what they need in this phase of life. Thanks to the Residents Benevolent Care Fund, we are able to subsidize the monthly fees of residents who are having financial difficulties. We truly embrace the meaning of community with each and every fund we offer. Our residents live exemplary lives with the way they put others before themselves.

Donations by Area
















The Fund Breakdown

Each of these funds plays a key role in the overall success of Galloway Ridge. With each contribution, we are grateful to know this money is going toward enriching the lives of our residents, employees, and community.

Chatham County Charitable Fund: A way for residents and other donors to support Chatham County agency projects

Residents Benevolent Care Fund: Offered to residents who are unable to pay their monthly fees

Alzheimer’s 5k Run/Walk: Employee- and resident- sponsored annual event to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association

Special Events Fund: Finances special events to defray the cost of programs at Galloway Ridge

Employee Scholarship Fund: Helps recipients pursue degrees, certificates and other opportunities

Employee Appreciation Fund: Provides holiday checks for employees each year

Galloway Ridge, Inc. Fund: Recognizes our employees for their outstanding service to the residents

Library Fund: Keeps books and other collections up-to-date and purchases supplies


Established in 2006, the Chatham County Charitable Fund is a way for residents and other donors to support Chatham County not-for-profits, schools, and government agency projects.

Annually, the Fund invites eligible groups in Chatham County to apply for community grants, with both well-established and new agencies considered for funding. An effort is made to fund projects in various locations within this large, rural county.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

Every year the Charitable Fund responds to grant applications that reflect expressed community needs. The community grant program has a disciplined approach to fund distribution.

With appreciation for the generosity of Galloway Ridgeresidents in 2018, the Galloway Ridge Chatham County Charitable FundGrant Distribution Committee announced the following 2019 Community Grant Recipients.


With the largest percentage of our funds allocated toward our residents, it’s no wonder Galloway Ridge provides quality life care. We make sure that each of our residents has what they need in this phase of life. Thanks to the Residents Benevolent Care Fund, we are able to subsidize the monthly fees of residents who are having financial difficulties. We truly embrace the meaning of community with each and every fund we offer. Our residents live exemplary lives with the way they put others before themselves.

  • 9,129

    Community Volunteer Hours

  • 22,900

    Total Volunteer Hourse

  • 13,771

    Volunteer Hours at Galloway Ridge

  • 176,430

    Total Volunteer Hours since 2013

Some residents find a place helping friends and neighbors in our immediate community through committees and programs on site, such as the resident-run Chatham County Charitable Fund or the Employee Scholarship Fund. Galloway Ridge also encourages relationships between our residents and the greater Chatham County community, creating partnerships for volunteering directly with underserved populations.

Our residents can choose if, when, where, and how they get involved, and through a combination of monetary donations, fundraising efforts, and hands-on volunteering hours, they model community engagement at every level of ability and interest. Our residents do not shy away from hard work or adversity, but instead, they rely on their knowledge, faith, and perseverance to find solutions to many of the challenges that our area faces.

We cannot adequately express our gratitude to the many residents who are the heart and soul of volunteerism at Galloway Ridge. They demonstrate yet another way that the success of our community is measured in relationships,



Becky and Ed Spence have been selected to receive the Governor’s Volunteer Service Award from the NC Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service. This couple has devoted countless hours to organizations in the county and worked tirelessly for committees at Galloway Ridge.

Both Becky and Ed are part of the resident committee for fundraising through the Chatham County Chari table Fund, and Becky currently is chairperson of the Allocations Committee, which is tasked with funding distributions from the CCCF

The Spences are credited with bringing the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to Siler City, where they both continue serving on the Board of Directors. They have also volunteered at the summer camp held at Galloway Ridge in conjunction with this organization. They are active at First Baptist Church of Siler City – Ed in leadership and teaching capacities, and Becky in youth engagement. The Spences even turned a personal loss into a way to help others, by creating a scholarship fund of their own for graduating students at Jordan Matthews High School, in memory of their son Jay.


Jack and Joan Zollinger are another volunteering power couple at Galloway Ridge. Jack has received the Lifetime Achievement Award with the United Way of Chatham County to recognize his combined total of over 37 years in a variety of roles with this organization both locally and in Westchester County, New York. Jack currently acts as the Galloway Ridge Campaign Chair for the United Way, a position he has held since 2004.

Jack and Joan have both received United Way’s prestigious Ormsby Robinson Award, and Joan has also been recognized with the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Volunteerism. In addition, Jack and Joan are pre-charter members of the Chapel of the Pines Presbyterian Church, where Jack serves in additional leadership positions.

The Zollingers are quite active at Galloway Ridge as members or in leadership roles of several committees devoted to resident life and community philanthropic endeavors. Joan single-handedly developed the concept of the Turnaround Shop, spearheading the effort to create and manage it with the help of other resident volunteers. The funds raised through shop sales go directly to the charitable funds to help employees or residents

The Beacon Award

Proud Winner

The Beacon Award

Galloway Ridge won the 2019 ICAA NuStep Beacon Award, which recognizes and honors the Top 25 ‘Best in Wellness’ senior-living communities in North America. Galloway Ridge is among those recognized as best-in-class for successfully fostering a wellness-centered environment to benefit all who live and work in their community. The award was created as a joint effort between the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) and NuStep, LLC, a major manufacturer of recumbent cross-trainers used in healthcare, senior-living, and fitness.

The ICAA is responsible for leading, connecting, and defining the active-aging industry. CEO and founder Colin Milner says, “Senior living communities have long been aware of how important wellness is for the health and well-being of their residents, but in recent years, wellness has evolved from being a programming option to becoming a way of life.” This evolution, says Milner, is also reflected in a survey recently conducted by the ICAA, which found that 59% of senior-living communities state their business model will be wellness-centered with care services by 2023. Galloway Ridge has successively partnered with its residents and staff to create relevant, meaningful opportunities and inspire participants to improve their quality of life.

  • Wellness is typically defined by seven key dimensions: emotional, physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, vocational and environmental.When each of these dimensions is equally nurtured and prioritized, it can enhance a sense of well-being among residents. It is this commitment and acknowledgment of how important wellness is for older adults that elevates resident health to new heights.
  • “At Galloway Ridge we believe that there is wellness in everything that we do,” said Bob Zimmer, Executive Director at Galloway Ridge. “Through the relationships built between residents and staff, the services and programs offered, and the environment in and around our community, it is clear that wellness is at our very core. Our goal is to provide opportunities for each resident and staff member of our community to live their best life and to continue thriving as the unique individual that they are.”



Pamlico Cove


2019 brought the exciting addition of five additional private residences to Pamlico Cove, our Memory Care neighborhood. The neighborhood also gained a multi-functional space with the conversion of the screened-in porch to an enclosed four- season room. In addition, the entire neighborhood was renovated with new carpet, paint and furnishings. Skylights were also added to the main living area to bring an abundance of natural light. The care base for the nursing team was redesigned to better integrate into the living environment.

We are excited to welcome all of our guests to our newly renovated Guest Suites!

Our two Guest Suites, the Garden and Studio Suites, have been fully renovated for residents, their families, and guests to use when visiting Galloway Ridge. This renovation included carpet, kitchenettes, bathrooms, flooring, paint, and furnishings.


Guest Suites

Our Generous Donors

Anne C Adams
Walter Aiello
Phil & Ann Alderks
Bill & Mary Jo Allen
Barbara B Alotis
Scobie Arnott
Ingram & Christie Austin
Leah M Austin
Margaret N Austin
John B Baer
Marie Barbieri
Linda J Barnard
Margot R Barnhardt
Evelyn Barrow
Phyllis Beane
Ruth Begelman
Durant & Laura Bell
Roger & Rhoda Berkowitz
Bryan & Marilyn Bernart
Deborah Bettis
Roz Bieber
Bill Blanpied
Mark & Sue Blaustein
Ken Boggs & Mary Lucas
David Bomar
Bill & Judy Bond
Keith & Marilyn Boyle
Malvina Brady
Tappy Broderick
Claire Brown
Martha E Bucher
Jane I Bush
Chalmers & Mary Butler
Judy Butt
Jean Caccavale
Sue Calman
Doug & Katie Campbell
Stan & Georgia Campbell
George C Cass
Mallary Chaddock
Beverly Chapin
Henry & Beverly Chase
Bill Clark
Fred & Marjorie Clinton
John & Kay Combest
Joe & Betty Anne Cook
Jeanne Cooper
Lee Cope
Lucy B Cornett
Ed & Wanda Cottongim
Robbie Cox & Julia Wood
Dick & Lila Crafts
Jim Crescenzi
Betty Crook
Dorothy J. Crouchley
Hugh Cullman
Bob E Curran
John C Custer
Dick & Suzi Daily
Fred Dalldorf & Jane Bultman
Jennifer Dalman
Bill & Ann Davis
Ron & Rhoda Davis
Sandy Davison
Sammie R Dellinger

Ron & Gretchen Despard
Brian & Tina Deters
Bob & Andria Dickson
Bill Dingwell & Betsy Chapman
Lee & Barbara Dobbins
Beverly Donaldson
Patricia A Donaldson
Terrie Doyle
Bonnie Dugan
Rita L Dunkin
David & Sue Dunn
Ian & Louise Dunn
Ken & Jackie Durham
Timothy & Leslie Dyess
Walter & Barbara Eckroth
Phyllis J Eggers
Bob & Candy Elder
Mary Alana Ellis
Robert & Pam Elston
Leonard & Marilyn Ernst
Les & Grace Ewen
Barb Ewend
Rich & Christine Fernsler
Albert F Fisher
Ruth Flannelly
Anna C Fowler
Don & Betty Francisco
Genie Frick
Mike Friel
Jim & Barb Fritschel
Frances Fuller
Mel & Barbara Fuller
Phil & Minnie Gallman
Fletcher Gardner & Cynthia Hoyt
Mickey Gerringer
Marcia Gest
A.J. Gianforcaro
Sheila Gillespie
Nicholas & Carol Gillham
Polly Gillis
Peggy Gilsenan
Bill & Carol Goettman
Dick & Jackie Goodwin
Joe & Carol Graceffa
Mary Greiner
Bob & Annette Griffith
Mary E Hackman
Diane Haertel
Gene & Holly Hafer
Judy H Hallman
Edith Hammond
Jan D Hanrath
Ed & Audrey Harlow
Jeanne Harrington
Valerie C. Harris
Tom & Anne Marie Harrison
Clark & Karen Havighurst
Sharon L Haydock
Allen Head
Woodard W Heath
Forrest & Mary Heaton
George & Lucia Hecker
Bob & Marilyn Hedges
Audrey Heining-Boynton
Carl Henley

Bill Hicks & Bill Sadler
Joshua & Patsy Hirschhorn
Larry & Jean Hjelle
Bruce & Sallie Holmberg
Bob & Sandy Holton
Jewel Hoogstoel
Michael & Caroline Hornblow
Donald & Carol Hoskins
Tom F Howdle
Henry & Diana Hsieh
Bill & Jane Hubbard
Joyce Huffines
Ann K Humber
Pencie M Huneke
Khalid S Ishaq
Denley & Beverly Jacobson
Marcia Jaquith
Patricia H Jardine
Ray V Johnsen
Cliff & Florence Johnson
Phebe F Johnson
Sally E Johnson
Elizabeth W Jones
Joy L Judge
Barry & Anne Kane
David & Theresa Kao
Bob & Mimi Kelly
Timothy Kerrigan
David & Sue Klapper
Joyce R Kline
Helen M Knapp
Herman Knieriem & Mary Tripodi
Ron & Audrey Knisley
Marty & Nancy Knorr
Helen Kotsher
Dick & Joan Kuhn
Retta L Kunin
TR Lakshmanan & Lata Chatterjee
Cliff & Marsha Larsen
Joel & Jane Larus
Leon J Laster
Carleton & Emily Lee
Ginny A Lentz
Sally Leonard
Stan Lettas
Arnold & Annette Levine
Roy & Betty Lindholm
Rossie Lindsey
John & Joanne Lott
Miles & Nancy Lovelace
Gerlinde Lowell
Ray Luce & Mary Ann Olsen
David & Doris Luening
Larry & Shirley Lynn
Daniel & Helen Ma
Stan Mandel
Diane Manning
Lee & Elaine Marcus
Dara Mark
Tony & Betsy Marshall
Bob Marshall
Gregory & Peggy Masterson
Louise Masurat
Bob Maurer
Jim May & Rich Cox

Bob & Angela McCoy
Jim & Jackie McGrath
John A McLendon
Don McNeill
Jack & Beverlee McNeil
Jo Lanier Meeks
George & Jan Meinig
Dick & Pat Merwarth
Jeff & Pat Milburn
Claire Miller
Ken Mitchum
Rosalie Morris
Chris Moss
Frank & Mary Myers
Nancy D Myers
Bob & Kathy Nauman
Rob & JJ Nelson
Pam K Nicholson
Paul & Jeanne Niederer
Helen S Nycum
Bill & Phyllis Nye
Beth Owens
Jack G Owens
Carol Page
Tom & Louise Parker
Bettina Patterson
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Charlie & Ginny Pearce
Bill Sunda & Margaret Pennybacker
Hedrick & Betty Phillips
Larry & Flo Phillips
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Guy Powell
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Joan Ramirez
Josephine B Rand
Mary H Raymond
Denny & Debby Reid
Howard & Edith Resnick
Scott Richardson
Jeanne M Riddle
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Chet & MJ Rogers
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Sandy Ross
Jeannette Ross
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Janet V Sanford
Jan & Anne Sassaman
Lynn Savitzky
Becky Sbrollini
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Al & Madeline Schalk
Gloria Scheiner
Brenda B Schoonover

Bill K Schwab
Consi Scott
Anita Seitz
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Bob & Winifred Simmons
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Fred & Joyce Sparling
Ed & Becky Spence
Philip & Lucia Stadter
Jim Starling
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Paul Stiller & Joan Lipsitz
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Carolyn B Sturgess
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Claude & Betty Jean Young
John & Linda Zaremba
Mike & Jean Zbailey
Bob Zimmer
Jack & Joan Zollinger


501 Pharmacy LLC
Brown Brothers Harriman Trust
Chatham County Council On Aging
Donaldson Funeral Home Inc.
DRZ Sales
Edward Jones
Ignite Wellness Chiropractic Center
Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Lomax Direct, Inc.
Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC
Morgan Stanley
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Procter & Gamble
Riithink LLC
SunTrust Bank
The GE Foundation
Chatham County Council On Aging
Walker Lambe
Womble Bond Dickinson LLP


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Kenny Alston
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TR Lakshmanan’s Birthday
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