Testimonials from our residents

“I do all the things I ever did, but being in this community allows me to do more!” – Genie Frick

“The most exciting thing (when we did finally move in) was the people that just were so gracious and fun to be with.”  – Grace and Les Ewen

“LifeCare was a new concept to us, and then we realized there’s really lots of things in between independent living and skilled nursing care.” – Henry and Diana Hsieh

“We chose Galloway Ridge because the architecture of the apartments feels modern and updated, like our own house was. Life is moving on, but we’ve got the reins in our hands.” -Joan Lipsitz and Paul Stiller.

There are as many different reasons for moving to a LifeCare community as there are residents. The common theme is the combination of independence and time for personal pursuits, which adds up to a reinvention of the self for the next phase of life. Become the painter, golfer, or volunteer you always dreamed of being – at Galloway Ridge, the time is yours.

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